Homeliness on the balcony

Homeliness on the balcony

Alas, but most of tenants use the area of loggia or balcony only as the place for warehousing of the things unnecessary in economy. That the balcony was not associated at you with the location of stuff, it is necessary to order the scheme of storage of things. If to follow certain rules, then the homeliness on the balcony even is possible under the most constrained conditions.

A lot of things depend on that, your balcony is glazed or not. If there is no glazing, then dust and dirt on the balcony is simply inevitable. Besides to store on such balcony something is simply unsafe: from above can bring wind the thrown-out stub, and consequences will become deplorable. So it is necessary to begin to create cozy balcony from glazing.

Of course, completely it will not be possible to get rid of things which are stored on the balcony: Christmas decorations, empty jars for pickles and the other trifles which are on the balcony make free space in the apartment. Only if they are stored in special cabinet, then on the balcony will be much cozier. It is better to spend once the specific sum of money for catching beautiful balcony. And it is possible to decorate it and to own taste, depending on the free area.

It is possible to convert free balcony in summer terrace, to put folding furniture. On such balcony it is pleasant to sit in the evening during heat behind glass of soft drink.

The area of balcony is rather limited therefore for each thing there has to be the here, the allocated place is clear. Each subject which is accidentally thrown here is capable to destroy completely cosiness. Plants will become decoration of each balcony. It is possible to strengthen narrow boxes in which to plant plants on perimeter. Such boxes do not take the excess place. All summer owners will be pleased by velvet ribbons, petunias and other unpretentious flowers. If there is no time for their landing, then it is possible to transfer and establish houseplants on special supports. On the balcony greens look perfectly, but at its placement it is necessary to consider the party to which there is balcony. If it is sunny and South side, then there well only those plants which love light and heat will feel. On North side it is possible to put fuchsia, mignonette, forget-me-nots. Along walls the ivy very beautifully curls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team