Horse-radish: annoying weed or useful country culture?

Horse-radish: annoying weed or useful country culture?

The horse-radish expanding on kitchen gardens can bring many problems first of all because of property to expand. Sometimes fight against it takes a lot of time, and the result is insignificant. But at the correct approach to cultivation of horse-radish, the attentive relation to its growth it is possible to receive from it and a lot of advantage.

It is clear not to all, horse-radish is vegetable or root crop and what its parts it is possible to use. Both the tops of vegetable, and root in grated look suit for consumption, sometimes use the blender to grinding. Leaves use for preparation of pickles and marinades, roots for preparation of spices.

Than horse-radish is useful

The root of horse-radish contains set of useful substances - it is vitamins of group B, C, PP, microelements, carotene. The person can receive considerable advantage, correctly using this plant for food. From it it is possible to prepare effective remedy for fight against depression, intellectual or physical exhaustion.

It is known of set of its useful properties. The horse-radish growing on many kitchen gardens as weed possesses antimicrobial action, helps at fight against diseases of urinary tract, removal of stones from kidneys, as antibiotic is used for treatment of cold. Persons interested to lose weight can use it for the help in burning of calories, stimulation of metabolism.

Vegetable gains the greatest advantage in the first week after it is picked. Several days later the freshness disappears, nutrients work already not so well. For obtaining bigger effect it is worth growing up root crop independently, to fill with it food when it still fresh.  

To fans to use natural gifts in treatment it is worth knowing that horse-radish is vegetable which consumption it is necessary to treat with accuracy. At individual intolerance it is impossible to use it for food. It can render undesirable effect at problems with work of digestive tract, liver diseases. It should not be eaten to pregnant women and during feeding with breast.

Cultivation of horse-radish

Horse-radish is root crop for which cultivation fertile soil is necessary. It is grown up no more than a year – after that its roots begin to dresnevet and do not suit for food. At the end of season all backs need to be dug out not to allow horse-radish to expand and not to turn it into plant, weed, unsuitable for food.

It is possible to be engaged in jumping of shanks right after the earth on bed razmerzntsya slightly. When jumping the shanks have obliquely or horizontally, from above on 4-6 cm powdering with earth layer. When backs are landed, it is necessary to press the earth a little – so the shank contacts to the soil better.

It is recommended to zamulchirovat the site with the planted horse-radish. Then it is not required to be loosened in cultivation process.

Leaves of plant tear off in August – then horse-radish already rather big and it suits for marinades and saltings. Move away him at the end of September, choosing from the earth of rhizome. Absolutely small send to waste. With diameter of 0.5-1.5 cm it is possible to leave backs for landing. They should be connected in bunch which is kept, prikopav in the earth on bed or in cellar, in damp sand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team