Hotbed for cucumbers: as it is correct to grow up tasty fruits

Hotbed for cucumbers: as it is correct to grow up tasty fruits

Cucumbers - very thermophilic culture if temperature is lower than 25 wasps, then they yield small harvest. Thanks to this feature, in the bigger territory of Russia they are grown up in special hotbeds. With their help it is possible to maintain the comfortable temperature and microclimate necessary for plant.

How to build hotbed

To receive excellent harvest, it is necessary to work properly. Cucumbers very much love fertile and warm soil therefore the ordinary bed is not suitable for their cultivation. Since fall make wooden box and begin to prepare bed. On bottom of capacity put branches, sawdust and bark, they will serve as drainage. Over them spread plant debris: mowed grass, tops of vegetable, leaves and so on. For the autumn and winter period this weight will begin to rot through and turn into compost.

Only the vegetable remains are not enough that cucumbers received warmly from below, lay fresh manure on the prepared pillow. It will rot through, generating heat. On such bed to cucumbers will grow very comfortably, they will receive enough nutrients. From above fill layer of fertile soil and make holes.

Now it is possible to pass to the hotbed device. There are several its forms, but the most widespread (because of simplicity of installation and operation) is the semicircular hotbed. On each side wooden box thrust to the earth pieces of metal rods at distance about 1 m from each other. Put special arches on them. That they did not sag, make support of boards and attach to it arches by means of wire. Cover hotbed with film and leave for several days. It is necessary in order that the earth before landing of cucumbers has got warm and have sprouted weeds. Weed them and in the middle of May start planting of cucumbers.

How to grow up tasty cucumbers

Before landing make holes and spill them warm water. In everyone put 2-3 sprouted sunflower seeds. It is also possible to plant cucumbers and through seedling. She needs to be put in the middle of April in glasses and when landing to pass saplings with two-three present sheets in the prepared holes. That cucumbers were really tasty, them follows is abundant to water. Do it daily in morning or evening hours, and in the hottest time — 2 times a day. Water has to be warm and otstoyanny. Because of untimely watering and lack of moisture the zelenets can taste bitter. During all vegetative period do fertilizing. Once a week — root and once a month - extra root. So-called "green" fertilizers are very effective. Cut nettle and lay it in tank. Fill in with water and let's perebrodit. After foam is not emitted, fertilizer is ready. You dissolve it in proportion 1:10 and water cucumbers under bush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team