Hotbeds and greenhouses: what's the difference?

Hotbeds and greenhouses: what's the difference?

Hotbeds and greenhouses differ with the sizes, possibility of year-round use, height, mobility. The hotbed can be collected or established, moved to other place easily independently. Greenhouses are calculated on any cultures.

The greenhouse and hotbed are directed to the solution of one main task – receiving rich harvest. They allow to grow up vegetables and fruit which because of the teplolyubivost will not be able to grow in the open ground. General characteristics are: availability of covering and ventilation, scheme of placement of plants.

Difference between the greenhouse and hotbed

The difference consists:

  • in sizes;
  • functionality;
  • technical characteristics.

The greenhouse is considered more difficult construction as in it all cycle of works can be made. In it without any problem it is possible to prepare the earth for landings. Such buildings are often heated with use of special heating systems. It gives the chance to begin to carry out works as early spring, to receive harvest much quicker.

Hotbed – small mobile construction which allows to protect plants from drafts and bad weather. The solar heat accumulates under film. It creates optimal conditions for growth of seedling.

The amount of such construction does not allow to be inside therefore care for plants is difficult during rain or strong wind. The hotbed is suitable for cultivation of seedling on the open ground, plants, small on height, for example, for onions, wild strawberry, squash.

The structure of the country greenhouse not only is more, but also is stronger. Often it is established on the base therefore such stationary room can serve many years. The hotbed is done their metal arches or wooden bars. Thanks to it it can freely be moved on the site.

Advantages of hotbeds and greenhouses

Gardeners use hotbeds for landing of plants with the long vegetative period. The design can prolong harvest season. The available cost and compactness belongs to the main advantage. The difference with the greenhouse is that hotbeds can be established even on the small site. The hotbed can be designed easily independently. Treats advantages:

  • simplicity of repair;
  • wind-resistance;
  • opportunity to remove design for winter time.

Greenhouses can be applied to obtaining quite large volume of harvest. Optimum height is 2.5 m, but there are also higher constructions. In the last there can be not only person, but also agricultural machinery. Feature of greenhouses of any class - it is possible to grow up seedling all the year round. It is possible thanks to the organization of gas, electric or wood-fired furnaces.

The film, glass or cellular polycarbonate acts as parent material. The harvest under the last ripens for 2-3 weeks earlier, than under other materials. Greenhouses are suitable for all types of vegetables and berries and also cultures demanding sufficient height.

Hotbed or greenhouse: what to choose

Before the choice it is necessary to answer three questions:

  • How many on time will the plant be in the building?
  • What growth will cultures have during blossoming and fructification?
  • Whether the shelter from bad weather is necessary for adult plants?

If it is necessary to provide the place for cultivation of thermophilic plants for one season, it will be easier to make hotbed with normal film. Thanks to its small weight of serious requirements to design does not move forward.

If necessary build construction for long operation, to optimum choose the greenhouse. She will demand more financial investments, but when receiving good harvest they pretty fast will pay off.

In conclusion we will note: when choosing the greenhouse and hotbeds the form, complete set is taken into account. For greenhouses last more solid. It can include sealants, window leaves and doors. There are models which can be used only in warm season. At the same time it is always possible to buy hotbed or the greenhouse which can be collected independently, without involvement of experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team