Houseplants and holiday

Houseplants and holiday

In series of the working days the holiday is long-awaited event. Leaving for long time, do not forget about houseplants, they demand constant watering. Especially it is important in summertime when moisture it is required more, and the soil dries up quicker. Be not upset if you have no opportunity to give green inhabitants to relatives or neighbors. There are several ways how to solve this problem.

Before departure

The room in which there are plants needs to be shaded as long as possible to keep the soil of damp. It is surely abundant water flowers and remove all turned yellow leaves.

In advance test the chosen way of "autowatering" to check its reliability and the necessary amount of water.

Option 1

Put flowerpots in one big plastic capacity which needs to be filled previously with damp moss, peat and haydite. Well humidify the soil in pots. This way will allow you not to worry about plants of 7-9 days.

Option 2

The option with use of plastic bottle will be suitable for large plants in big tanks. The thick needle or pricker in cover needs to be made several openings, fill bottle with water and close. Drive the prepared capacity in pot so that the neck has appeared below. That the bottle accidentally has not fallen in your absence, provide it stability.

The way is considered very reliable therefore you can quietly be sent on leave, without worrying about green favourites.

Option 3

For this way you will need the container with water. It needs to be established slightly above pot with flower. From bandage, thick woolen thread or fabric make plait and moisten it with water. Dig one its end to the earth, and – submerge the second in the container with water. If pot small, plait it is possible to replace with plastic tubule.

Option 4

If you have many small plants, use method with cellophane. Spray flowers, it is abundant humidify the soil and envelop plant plastic bag in which it is necessary to make several small openings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team