Houseplants: enemies and friends

Houseplants: enemies and friends

Houseplants give to the apartment cosiness and perfectly supplement interior. However not all know that they except advantage of plant can do harm to health. Let's try to understand what plants are our friends and what - enemies.

Useful houseplants

The most part of living plants brings huge benefit to the person. Green color helps to struggle with depression, and the unique smell serves as peculiar fragrance. Besides, houseplants produce oxygen and moisten air that is very useful in dusty city apartments.

Scientists have established that the most useful plant is the chlorophytum. It perfectly cleans from formaldehyde which is emitted from synthetic materials. Per day the plant of chlorophytum is capable to clean completely premises, and with the activated carbon added to pots, its useful properties increases several times.

The second in the list – room geranium. Florists advise to keep plant in the bedroom. Useful connections of plant affect the person soothingly that is useful at insomnia and stresses. Mint and the Chinese rose have similar properties. Bactericidal properties such plants as laurels, rhoicissus rombolistny and geranium have. These plants kill viruses and bacteria, considerably increasing air quality indoors. Green vrediteliya nevertheless, among living plants there are several wreckers who add tar spoon to barrel with honey. The ficus and violets growing at windows of every second person became the most widespread "unhealthy" plants. At night they become source of carbon dioxide therefore they cannot be put in the bedroom and the nursery. Plants of family of aroidny are capable to cause in your pets hypostasis mucous mouth and throat, and at hit in eyes – and konjyuktivit changes of cornea. The most widespread of them - dieffenbachia, aglaonema, kaladium, singonium, philodendron, calla and monstera. It is necessary to remember that availability of plants in the house can aggravate bronkhalny asthma, cause allergic reactions and diseases of lungs. The low-quality soil is excellent basis for reproduction of mushrooms which getting into bronchial tubes, begin to breed actively in them. Therefore it is necessary to watch quality of soil and to water plants with special additives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team