Houseplants in apartment interior

Houseplants in apartment interior

One of the main tasks of phytodesign is creation for the person of the comfortable and cozy atmosphere. In interior design the part of important elements of decor is assigned to living plants. They give identity and the unique finished look to your dwelling.


1. Before buying plant, properly think whether it will be combined with the general style of the apartment. It is also necessary to consider lighting, temperature and the size of the room.

2. Against the background of monophonic wall-paper of pastel tones also plants with monophonic leaves will well look. Plants with motley leaves or with bright flowers approach more dark wall-paper better.

3. Surely consider color of furniture. If furniture in light tones, then dark leaves are well combined with it. For dark furniture plants with light leaves and flowers are good.

4. With the French or English style of furniture palm trees and plants are harmoniously combined with magnificent leaves.

5. Simple, juicy flowers in clay pots with the simple drawing perfectly will be suitable for creation of ""rural"" style: geranium, primrose, violets.

6. Plants can be placed practically in any corner of your house: on floor, bedside table, table, windowsill, in corner. The large plant with sprawling branches and wide krone will make the room visually more widely. The high plant will visually increase room height.

7. If you have in the apartment large windows, then it is possible to suspend the flowers loving sunlight in window aperture.

8. It will be unusual and original to look composition from the tiny plants placed in big vase or aquarium.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team