Houses on joy

Houses on joy

Brick houses are classics. But now became fashionable to build houses from lighter materials – bar or frame technologies. Both options of construction have the positive and negative sides therefore sometimes it becomes difficult to choose what to build the dwelling of. Houses choose those who want fast building from framework, and from bar – who does not hurry to move to the country house.

Frame houses

Houses from framework are housing in which the minimum quantity of wood building materials and heater is used. The framework of future building at first is constructed from bars and boards, corners are fixed by means of special metal corners. Outside of and in wall are sheathed by boards or chipboard – panels. In such wall, heater is also put. It needs to be chosen carefully, depends on it whether the house will warmly hold. Outside of wall are closed by hydrovetroizolyatsionny film, and on it the siding or other front material is already established. Indoors in the same way walls are closed by film, but already paroizolyatsionny. It is necessary that the house "breathed", but at the same time was warm.

Because of strong framework such house will sustain any whims of the nature, but at the same time it is built quickly and at the minimum expenses. The base for such houses can be chosen as easy – column or tape, not strongly buried to the earth. Frame houses are good the fact that its construction does not require special knowledge. The person who does not have any experience in construction will easily cope with the simple project. The main thing to be able to use the construction tool.

Frame houses are popular in Canada and in the Scandinavian countries. Thanks to good isolation and natural heaters such houses in the northern countries maintain about 20 years.

Minus of frame houses is that they after all are short-lived. In the same 20 years you should reconstruct completely the house, to change all framework and heater. Such houses quite brittle, the person with "heavy" hand will be able easily to break wall. Badly also the fact that on such wall it is impossible to hang out regiments, eaves or cabinets without additional strengthening.

At construction of frame houses do not forget that all racks and beams need to be dried up and processed previously moisture protective solution. Also wood processing will not interfere with means from rotting. These actions increase life cycle of wood construction. Isolation on both sides of wall it is necessary to fix correctly, without having mixed the party of film. Otherwise heater will be moistened inside and will lose the properties.

Houses from bar

Bar-shaped houses look stronger and reliable, than frame. Such houses are under construction completely of the pro-thinned-out bar. It is impossible to break manually thick wall, but also knowledge it is necessary to have enough for construction of the house from bar.

The base for the bar-shaped house has to be powerful; it is desirable that it was deeply vryt to the earth. After construction of the house from bar, it is necessary to leave it at least for year for drying and shrinkage. Only then it is possible to begin finishing work. In northern areas it is all the same necessary to warm such houses a little that the house kept heat.

Houses from bar will stay not one decade, and, perhaps, will get to your grandchildren. Of course, in several decades it is necessary to change the lower wreaths most of which of all give in to rotting.

Undoubted advantage of houses from bar is that at this material good heat-insulating properties. In such house it will not be cold in the winter, and in the summer in it not hot. The humidity in such house is maintained such that the people living in it will feel well.

Of what you would not choose the house, it is important that in it it was warm, cozy and not damp. In the good house always you feel ideally, and health grows stronger. Not for nothing say that houses "walls treat". 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team