How and when sweet cherry fructifies

How and when sweet cherry fructifies

Sweet cherry fructifies from 3-5 years at the beginning of May end of July depending on climate. Fruits are formed on buketny branches and one-year branches. Berries of this tree tasty and juicy, vitamin-rich and useful microelements.


1. Sweet cherry – sort of cherry of family pink. This thermophilic plant capable to reach 30 meters in length, began to cultivate successfully and in midland, receiving up to 50 kg of harvest from each tree. Sweet cherry fruits juicy, tasty and very useful.

2. Magnificent color of this tree can be observed already at the beginning April, and at the beginning middle of May to collect the first fruits. Sweet cherry ripens in garden very first, opening fruit season and supplying you with the first vitamins and microelements though in more northern latitudes it is possible to enjoy tasty berry not earlier than the middle of July. The first sweet cherry has soft and juicy pulp with colourless juice. The tree from 3-5 years fructifies and at good leaving can live up to 25-30 years, and in general the longevity of tree can reach 300 years.

3. As well as at the majority of plants of stone cultures, at sweet cherry high probudimost of kidneys. However you can observe formation of escapes only on the next to top shoots. Such feature is reflected in stvolovost and placement of branches: the trunk is more pronounced, and branches are placed tiers. Sweet cherry on buketny branches and one-year branches fructifies. You will reap the most part of crop of adult plant from buketny branches. It speaks simply: side branches are formed only on those branches which length is not shorter than 30-40 cm. Short and weak branches are characteristic of adult plant therefore on them only buketny branches are formed.

4. With length of year gains of branches less than 15 cm vegetative will be only one top kidney, remained side form flower. After they fade, and you will reap crop, on this place of nothing, except hem, will remain. These biological features also form the basis of all system of forming of crown and its cutting.

5. Stop the choice on razrezhenno-level form of krone. The bowl and bush has such form. When forming bowl-shaped krone use the same receptions, as when forming krone of apple-tree. Sweet cherry in the form of bush possesses short piece of trunk from 15-20 by the main branches. They are directed in different directions for more uniform placement in space. With three-meter height such krone will remind sphere.

6. Grades Burlat, "Kassin early" and "Leningrad early" belong to the early grades beginning to fructify in June. "red Buttnera", "yellow Denisena", Revna, "Itself", etc. treat the srednepozdny grades fructifying in July. With late to the grades beginning to bring harvest since the end of July Gedelfinger, "Viol", Regina, etc. belong.

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