How and when to cut off fruit-trees

How and when to cut off fruit-trees

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How it is correct to cut off fruit-trees and when to do this procedure, experienced gardeners have different opinions. But all of them consider cutting one of the major conditioning agents behind fruit-trees. It is done for the purpose of forming, by regulations of growth, increase in fructification, rejuvenescence of trees. Besides thus delete the dry, sick and broken branches.

When to do cutting

The first and main cutting of fruit-tree should be made when landing 1-2 summer copies on the constant place. At sapling cut off secateurs 30-50 percent of krone. Cover cuts with the garden thief or oil paint and roll up insulating tape.

This procedure will help roots to get stronger, and, thus, the vital firmness of tree several times will increase.

The next 3 years it is necessary to carry out the so-called forming cutting which problem is to create krone of future tree with the thick skeletal branches located in proportion on the relation to each other and growing at an obtuse angle to tree trunk.

Annually during the forming cutting the gardeners advise to cut off about 1/3 lengths of all most powerful escapes on trunk and skeletal branches, on each branch them there have to be 3-4 pieces, all others need to be cut off without regret.

After that cutting is done as required, deleting the old, broken and damaged by diseases branches, periodically it is necessary to thin out krone, cutting off all tops and young escapes. The main cutting needs to be done during fruit-tree dormant period when hard frosts stop, but before vegetation in the spring (in warmer areas — at the end of February). But inexperienced gardeners can remove together with the damaged branches and healthy therefore it is quite possible to carry out the procedure in May, during blooming of kidneys. The forming cutting can be carried out also at the beginning of summer. Rejuvenating recommend to do in the fall.

How to carry out cutting

Cut off one-year escapes secateurs or garden knife directly over kidney. At scrap of branches over side branch leave small shipik (1-2 cm in length).

Shortening of escapes and not thick branches make garden knife or sekayotor, and thick delete with garden saw. 

When thinning branch cut off slightly above flow at the branch basis, and the cut has to go parallel to it. It is not necessary to leave stump as in this case the wound will long grow. Cutting off saw thick branches, at first file them from below, and then stop sawing from above branches. At first truncate very thick branches then cut on ring near flow. After remove thick branches, smooth out cuts garden knife that the surface was more exactly and cover with the garden thief or paint over oil paint.

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