How and when to plant paprika on seedling

How and when to plant paprika on seedling

In spite of the fact that till summer season still far, it is time to start cultivation of seedling of some cultures. In February the experienced gardeners plant paprika seeds that seedling has grown and has got stronger by the time of change to the open ground.

Preparation of the soil. Soil for landing can be prepared since fall, having dug out it on the site. It is also possible to buy the special soil in shop. The soil has to be friable and fertile, with the content of peat and neutral reaction. Important before landing well to warm up the prepared soil (for this purpose it has to be at least a week at the room temperature). Also experienced gardeners advise to disinfect soil before crops of seeds. For this purpose it is necessary to water the soil with solution of potassium permanganate or boiled water.

Preparation of seeds. For a start it is necessary to choose large and healthy seeds, and small and damaged to throw out as they will not bring good harvest. Then it is necessary to wet the seeds which are selected for crops in solution of potassium permanganate or special means to prevent emergence of fungus and other diseases of seedling. After sowing material is disinfected, it is necessary to wet it in warm water for the night (it is also possible to use wet gauze or any other natural fabric for soaking). Some vegetable growers add special growth factors which accelerate growth of shoots to water.

Favorable days for landing. According to to lunar to the calendar, in 2017 it is the best of all to plant paprika in the second half of February. 17, 18, 22, 23 and 28 numbers of this month will approach. These days the Moon will be in the sign of the Capricorn and Scorpion which are considered as the most fertile.

Crops of seeds. It is possible to plant pepper on seedling in total capacity rows, and it is possible in separate pots at once (it is the best of all peat). Before crops it is necessary to water soil (approximately in 1.5-2 hours). It is necessary to plant seeds in poles about 9-11 mm in depth. To fill up the seeded seeds with soil and to cover capacity with film or glass. Then it is necessary to remove it in heat (25-26 degrees) before emergence of shoots. After shoots it is necessary to watch that the soil did not dry up. After there were shoots, the film is removed and reduce temperature to 16 degrees approximately for couple of days. It is necessary that the strong root system and seedling was formed subsequently was not extended. Then it is necessary to grow up pepper seedling at temperature of 22-24 degrees. 

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