How and when to plant pineapple in house conditions

How and when to plant pineapple in house conditions

Pineapple is tropical plant. Because of its teplolyubivost this fruit cannot be grown up in temperate climate on the open ground. But there is opportunity to plant pineapple in house conditions. How just to make it?

To put and grow up house pineapple? it is necessary to get in shop ripe fruit with well remained leaves of light green color and the wax raid. Further it is necessary to cut off accurately from it the top socket or as it is called still, crown. At the same time the cut has to turn out rather equal.

It is possible to plant pineapple at all seasons of the year, but the beginning of spring – the middle of March for this purpose is ideal.

It is necessary for further landing that the cut has dragged on dense film. For this purpose the crown is suspended in the dark place leaves down. It will be in such situation not less than 3 days. The dense film formed on cut will interfere with penetration of various harmful bacteria.

Then the cut is processed the crushed wood charcoal. It will save future pineapple from rotting.

The next stage of landing of pineapple in house conditions is rooting. For this purpose in big and superficial capacity fill soil layer more than 15 cm. For soil it is possible to use mix from peat, prime quality land, fresh sawdust and coarse sand. Further the crown is deepened on 3 cm, and capacity is covered with polyethylene for creation of greenhouse effect. It is impossible to assume that leaves of pineapple adjoined to film. The pot with pineapple needs to be put to the warmest place without direct hit of sunshine on it. In several weeks, young leaves have to grow from crown.

Then pineapple needs to be replaced in the free container with the friable and oxygenated soil. It will be better if its width is about 50 cm. Roots at pineapple surface, but strongly expanding in the parties. At the same time the plant is buried already at 5-6 cm for creation of powerful root system. In house conditions it is necessary to choose for cultivation of pineapple windowsills from the South or southeast side.

In the course of rooting and landing the plant is watered only with warm water rather often, without allowing drying of earth lump.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team