How as much as possible to prolong life to cut flowers

How as much as possible to prolong life to cut flowers

Very sadly, when the fine flower composition withers in few days. However there is set of the ways and various receptions prolonging life of wonderful bouquets.


1. If the bouquet is brought to the room from cold, then it is not necessary to hurry to put it in vase. Within hour the flowers have to acclimatize it is desirable also not in heat (it is possible on the lower shelf of the fridge).

2. The plants which are cut off in the morning as in night they have had a rest are more viable and have become impregnated with moisture. And therefore, if flowers are cut off from the garden, then it is necessary to do it exactly in the morning.

3. Flowers need to be exempted from packing also for esthetics reasons. These creations are already fine why to them excess tinsel.

4. Surely leaves from the lower part of stalk are removed: it will prevent rotting, and stalks will get more water.

5. In order that flowers napityvatsya more by moisture, it is necessary to make cuts on rigid stalks of flowers (such as lilac, roses, chrysanthemums), to split them from below on 2 - 3 centimeters, or to shatter.

6. If at flowers at scrap lacteal juice is emitted, then it is necessary to lower for couple of seconds them in boiled water and only then to put in vase.

7. Soft water is more preferable to plants as well as to people. Water from under the crane needs to let stand or to cool boiled to room temperature.

8. The tablespoon of vinegar or citric acid will help to soften hard water.

9. Stalks of flowers are cut on 1 - 2 centimeter obliquely under stream of cold water. It will exclude hit of air in stalk cavity, thereby having prolonged flowers life.

10. The teaspoon of salt, alcohol or tablet of aspirin will prevent rotting of stalks.

11. Sugar will help to prolong life of flowers, 1 - 2 spoons are added to water.

12. The most important secret of longevity of the cut-off bouquets in daily cutting of flowers and change of water. To cut stalks on 1 centimeter every day and at the same time to change water in vase.

13. Daily spraying with cold water bouquet, we prolong its freshness.

14. The raid on internal walls of vase is washed away by soda solution. When changing water it is also necessary to wipe carefully and stalks of flowers.

15. Flowers should not be in the neighbourhood with fruit, it considerably will accelerate withering process.

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