How cheap to glaze balcony

How cheap to glaze balcony

The glazed balcony can be used with bigger advantage, than open. At you the room which will be suitable for cultivation of window plants and for rest will increase let small, but.


1. At first you need to choose material for frame. Pay attention to tree. Modern frames from this material are equipped with double-glazed windows, and the tree has special training (drying-out, primer, coloring). Such design will provide high level warm and sound insulation. Shutters can be rotary and folding. The wooden frame will present you feeling of cosiness and proximity to the nature.

2. Plastic frames will cost to you cheaper wooden. Such design also provides good level zvuko- and thermal insulations.

3. Do not lose sight also of aluminum frames, they as well as wooden, eco-friendly, but externally practically do not differ from plastic. Aluminum is thinner and lighter therefore the balcony will longer sustain such design. Level warm and sound insulation approximately same, as well as at wooden or plastic frames.

4. Glassing by aluminum of balcony is divided into cold and warm. Cold aluminum the cheapest option which is intended for protection against external influences. In this case unary glass is used, shutters can be sliding or rotary and folding. Warm aluminum is more expensive, but it provides the best thermal insulation. In such frame standard double-glazed windows are used.

5. There is very unusual type of glazing of balcony – frameless. The feeling is created that there is no glass, it does balcony and the room is much lighter. But such type of glassing is impractical as material begins to vibrate and rustle even at weak wind.

6. You can use the combined glazing, that is tree and aluminum. Any of these materials can be basis. Such frame is tamperproof and possesses high rate warm and sound insulation.

7. If you have metal parapet of balcony, it is undesirable to use plastic frames. You can glaze sides too, but will be to put them brick much cheaper or to establish sandwich panel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team