How competently to plan the wardrobe room

How competently to plan the wardrobe room

The comfortable and well planned wardrobe room - guarantee of comfortable stay in your house. It is important to place competently cabinets and sections where each thing will be on the place.


1. Define razmerypervy what needs to be understood - how many free space will be at your disposal. Enter the room, provide where there will be clothes locker - the main element of the room. Proceeding from it, define arrangement of less dimensional sections. Approximate depth of cabinets - about 60-65 cm - is appropriate in case sections are located to the line; if on each side - it is better to make sections of 55 cm in depth. Plan length of cabinet, making a start from your personal plan and understanding of that how many things you want to place finally. If your clothes modest and you can be satisfied with several things - reasonably to leave free space and to put small clothes locker. If you are the inveterate shopaholic who is constantly updating the clothes - make sure that all this beauty will not create chaos in your cabinet and will be able freely to be placed. Accurately hanged out clothes will serve longer if to provide it appropriate storage. In height the clothes locker is recommended to be done to ceiling. Seldom use the top remote regiments, but they perfectly are suitable for storage of pillows, plaids and blankets which will not be necessary for you in the nearest future. Anyway, it will be better, than if they roll on the house.

2. It is clear define potrebnostiosnovny point in successful planning wardrobe - arrangement of priorities. Separate space into separate zones for all family members. Think over the main sections, and define as far as they are necessary. Decide on the number of offices. Outerwear For it will be required separate section. To determine height - measure your longest things and add at least 15 cm. Daily odezhdazdes it is recommended to separate office into 2 parts: in one - thing on hangers, other part - under things which can be put pile, for example jeans or sweaters. Boxes under lower the belyerekomenduyemy sizes: low boxes of 30 cm in depth for storage of underwear and knitwear. AksessuaryUkrasheniya, belts and glasses is better to store 10x10 cm in small offices Obuvy it is possible to place to several rows of shelves. The footwear not relevant for this season, it is better to store in separate boxes above. SumkiIh it is possible to hang up on hooks or to put on shelves, at the same time height of the shelf has to be better to take away no more than 50-60 cm of ChemodanyDl of suitcases space or on the top shelves, or, below, under cabinet. Bed the belyebolshy number of the place for storage on the top tiers of sections. The flange width from 50 to 80 cm, height is no more than 60 cm.

3. Objectively distribute zonyteper when you have decided on things which will take the place in wardrobe, calculate the sizes of future sections.

4. Check to ergonomikuizobrazita on leaf your room and in the corresponding scale draw future clothes. If proportions are observed correctly, you will be able to be realistic about the sizes of cabinets chosen by you.

5. Leave the next stage of the organization of the wardrobe room to experts who will check your project, perhaps, will make some corrections and will give data for assembly to furniture firm. You just need to wait for production of your personal wardrobe now.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team