How correctly and often to water tomatoes in the greenhouse

How correctly and often to water tomatoes in the greenhouse

After tomatoes have been planted to the greenhouse, it is necessary to study the basic rules of watering of these whimsical plants.

In general competent and correct care for any plants on personal plot allows to increase the volume of the reaped crop several times.

One of the most necessary points in the correct leaving is watering. How it is correct to water tomatoes in the greenhouse?

For this purpose observance of the basic rules is necessary:

1.      Ideal time for watering tomato in the greenhouse in hot days is afternoon. It is early in the morning better not to do it because water has not enough got warm, and evening watering will negatively affect humidity level in the greenhouse. In cool days on the contrary it is necessary to water in the morning that cold weather has not had an adverse effect.

2.      Near the greenhouse or directly the capacity or barrel for water storage is established inside. It needs to be filled in the morning and water in it during the day gets warm enough.

3.      Watering is directly carried out at the roots, without use of the plant.

4.      Tomatoes very hygrophilous plants, but hothouse conditions with the regular increased humidity allow to make watering only one or two once a week. After landing and until the beginning of blossoming water in general only once in week.

5.      After this process it is the best of all to air the greenhouse properly, thereby at night plants will be dry, and it positively will affect their growth.

6.      It is the best of all to carry out watering in the manual way by means of watering can or bucket, or drop way by means of the plastic container driven in the earth. Under one plant it is enough to pour out about 5 l of water – such volume is ideal for the correct development tomato.

Remember that excessive watering can negatively affect the plant and cause some types of diseases at tomato.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team