How just to choose and mount vinyl siding

How just to choose and mount vinyl siding

Vinyl siding – modern, beautiful, light and inexpensive material, preference which is given more and more owners of country houses worldwide. Having remarkable decorative and protective properties, the vinyl siding allows to turn even the oldest country house into subject of pride of the owners. It is important that it is possible to sheathe the house siding independently, and in this article we will tell how to make it.

So, you have decided to update facade of the house independently. The first with what needs to be begun, it is the choice of siding. We recommend to pay attention to Döcke siding, it has the German origin, and is made in Moscow area, at the ultramodern enterprise for the license and under control of the D.Ö.C.K.E. Systemösungen Gmbh company. The German and Austrian equipment, raw materials from the best world suppliers debugged by years of technology allow Döcke siding to take already many years the leading positions in the construction market. The siding of Döcke offers rich color palette and also the choice from four textures – the Ship bar, the Fir-tree, BlokHaus (under log) and Vertical. All these types of siding are perfectly combined among themselves.

Measurement and raschetitak, we will begin work with measurements of facade and preparation of the drawing that further it is correct to calculate necessary quantity of siding. In hardware stores, using your drawings and measurements, consultants will calculate the necessary number of panels. But for fidelity, it is better to make it twice.

It is necessary for you for independent calculation: 1) To measure height of H and width of the L each wall of your house. To count the area of each wall, and then total area – S1. Use formula for calculation: S1 (total area) = H1 (vys. walls 1) x L1 (Scheer. walls 1) + H2 (vys. walls 2) x L2 (Scheer. walls 2) 2) In the same way measure the area of doors and windows – S0.3) Calculate the net area of SR on which the siding.SR = will be mounted by S1 – S0 the Turned-out net area is the square by which the seller when calculating necessary number of panels of siding is guided. The number of panels pays off so: N = SR / (X*Y) + 5 - 10% for stock depending on complexity of configuration to zdaniyagda: SR – net area, X – length of the panel, Y - width of the panel, N – the required number of panels Besides siding, will be required to you both the supplementary completing internal and external angles, starting profiles, feature connectors, materials for registration of door and window openings, and of course, self-tapping screws for direct fastening of siding to basis. By the way, corners and profiles it is not obligatory to choose the same color, as siding. On the contrary, contrast elements will look on house facade much more interestingly. When all necessary is delivered to your site, it is possible to start. However, before it is necessary to store correctly brought material. It has to be placed only horizontally, it is desirable in the covered room having dry floor. If the siding before mounting is stored on the street, it is possible to use pallets or basis from boards. The siding before mounting should not be affected by direct sunshine. From the tool it is required to you – tape measure, water level, plumb, pencil or marker for marking, hacksaw or circular saw, combination pliers, drill, nails, self-tapping screws, the woods or ladder. The KarkasPervyy stage of finishing of the house siding is creation of load-bearing framework, or furring. To it panels will fasten. For creation of furring wooden bars or the aluminum shape which are fixed vertically on house walls at distance of 30-40 cm from each other are used. Very often owners of houses use this stage for additional warming of buildings – between furring strips of mineral wool, or other heaters are laid, here it is important not to forget about antiseptic processing of tree and vapor barrier. When mounting furring be constantly verified with indications of plumb and level. Treat mounting of framework with all attentiveness, exterior of the house and correctness of installation of siding will depend on its geometry. The main rabotaobshivka siding goes from below up and begins with places of increased load – window and door openings. It allows not to allow connections of panels in these parts. Panels by means of the special lock which picks up the previous panel connect. It is important that at connection the lower lock of the higher panel without tension entered the top lock of the previous panel. If you see that locks connect to distortion, it is necessary to remount the previous panel. If to neglect it, you risk to receive further bigger distortion, inflation and even destruction of covering. The assembly gap between panels and accessories makes about 5 millimeters, but it needs to be doubled if works are carried out at negative temperatures. The top ranks of panels fasten on the predetermined finishing profile. And one more important point. When fastening siding on nails or self-tapping screws you remember that they should not be hammered or twisted on the hat. Surely leave gap in 1 mm. The nail or the self-tapping screw have to be driven in or twisted on the center of fixing opening. It is important in order that the siding could "walk" when heating or cooling. Otherwise, after the first winter you should mount all facade anew. Around cranes, pipes and other obstacles of the panel are adjusted on in advance cut openings which have to be 5-7 mm more than the obstacle. Finishing of apertures is carried out by J-profile which fastens on aperture perimeter in advance. After fixing on edge profile, under and over apertures panels fasten. Under eaves of the house it is necessary to establish spotlights – special perforated panels which will provide necessary ventilation of subroof space. Naposledokv whole to cope with mounting of vinyl siding quite easily. It is important to read only attentively enclosed instruction and to observe our recommendations, however we advise at first to look at work of professionals to understand the general principle. Well and of course, pay attention to the guarantee provided by the producer. The qualitative and checked for years siding, such as Döcke, is supplied with guarantee in 25 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team