How just to make bed at the dacha with own hands

How just to make bed at the dacha with own hands

The bed at the dacha is your personal island of tranquility and beauty which you create the hands. It would seem, such magnificent beds which occur in photos in magazines or decorate sites of neighbors, to organize very difficult. However, actually to make bed very simply and all work can be performed with own hand.

For a start it is necessary to choose the place correctly. Bed it is better to arrange so that it was the center of composition of all your site. If it will be several beds, then it is necessary to think over previously as all this network will be organized. When choosing the place it is necessary to consider such factors as site form, site illumination, humidity and natural relief.

Beds are absolutely different. Some gardeners with pleasure build in small Alpine hills the beds. Someone combines bed with the fountainlet, and sometimes the bed is carried out in the form of small animal or some interesting object.

What to begin work withBefore you begin to work, it is necessary to decide completely on type and characteristics of bed and also to choose the place. It is very useful to draw the approximate sketch on which the arrangement of various decorative objects and flowers and also location of bed on the site will be marked. If the sketch manages to be marked according to the actual sizes, then it is simply remarkable. Having such map of own site, you will be able easily to continue work when you have free time and to forget nothing.

After performance of marking, it is necessary to plan what objects will be located on bed. Whether there will be it decorative miniatures or the small stone hill, or you choose simple flat design.

When all preparation are executed, it is necessary to pass to realization of the planned idea. Level site according to your plan, make marking by means of pegs and ropes, apply sand, fertile soil or pebble on the surface of the site. It depends on type of plants which are going to be planted, or the chosen exterior.

To choose and design bed which as a result will be organized on your site or under window of the multi-storey building makes sense to study on the Internet photos of others works. Viewing large number of photos will allow to orient in own thoughts and desires. Then it will be possible to unite several ideas and to add them with the thoughts. It considerably will accelerate process.

Besides, it is necessary to estimate the general budget of the project. Besides plants, it will be necessary to get consumables, fertilizers and elements of design.

For example, it is possible to plan bed on which the basis of composition will consist of garden figures, and then to be upset very strongly, having got acquainted with the prices of such figures.  

If the budget goes to pieces, then it is not necessary to be upset. Many modern figures and elements of design can be replaced easily with some old and unnecessary things. Perfectly forest snags or the old cart wheels will approach. On any site and in any apartment there will be such objects. It can be both old hours, and the old sewing machine, and part of old bed or even the iron with coals. And some garden figures can be made easily independently.

It is necessary not to forget that the bed is located on the street and not all objects will be able to remain long time there. For example, if to arrange on the earth soft toys, then, most likely, they will decay after half a year of constant blotting. At the same time, plastic toys, on the contrary, will serve for many years.

Remember that sometimes the most standard objects can render irreplaceable assistants at registration of bed. The main availability of imagination and courage in experiments. For example, in the photo the fine daisy from old glow lamps is given below. And in spite of the fact that lamps do not shine any more, such reception unusually and beautifully looks. At external illumination, these lamps will play bright paints.

It is possible ispolzovatrazlichny small lamps and daisies. Very beautifully one-color daisies look. When using electrical equipment, do not forget to check possibility of devices to work in the conditions of high humidity and in the open air.

The easiest and convenient way it is beautiful to issue bed is to use stones and bricks. Bricks can always be found on the seasonal dacha or in the neighborhood of holiday village. It is easy to find the round stones squared by water in streamlets or on the river. From these objects excellent elements of design and ornament turn out.For designation of perimeter of bed it is possible to use large stones, bricks or logs. Small snags or brevnyshka will perfectly designate transitions from zone to zone or will note border.

The choice of plants has to be based as on their external compliance to your desires, and on their opportunity to grow together. For example, the decorative pine and lily will hardly get on together as it plants from the different worlds. One loves the sun and sand, and the second humidity and moderate shadow.

Even it is better to check the simplest flowers for compatibility before arranging on bed.

Besides, all flowers possess various requirements to illumination and to put photophilous cultures on bed which it is constant in shadow will be big mistake. Plants or will not develop, or at all will die.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team