How just to make wooden sun bed

How just to make wooden sun bed

Do you dream of sun bed at the dacha? If there are a little time and the hands growing from the right places, it can be made easily most.

It is always pleasant to lie down in the sun. Especially when were tired of work in garden. There is a wish to lie down in sun bed, having extended tired legs. Here only not all have such opportunity. It is necessary to correct situation and to make sun bed with own hands.

Several wide boards are required. Boards 150-200 mm wide and 25-35 mm thick will approach. It is possible to take even not eaves board. With it will only be works more, than with eaves board.

To create bend, convenient for body, from one board it will not turn out. Therefore it is possible to take two boards and to sew them at an angle to each other. Tracing on the planes wave for sun bed, it is possible to change corner under which boards adjoin.

Having evaluated approximately the drawn wave, it can be cut the electric fret saw. The second party has to be made in mirror option. If the board was prostrugana in advance, then the part can fix on screws. Not planed boards can be banished on surface gage, to process the jointer plane or just to burn with blowpipe.

Than processing of tree fire, so it simplicity and availability is good. After roasting and processing of board brush, it becomes not only smooth to the touch, but also gains pleasant color.

When two halves of basis of future sun bed are ready, they can be connected among themselves. For this purpose bars, rails, boards will approach. As sun bed width for one person, it is possible to accept 60-70 cm. It is enough.

After assembly of framework it should be established on the earth and to test for stability. If the framework easily gives in to inclination and the back deviates to the earth, it is necessary to establish emphasis.

If the bend of sun bed suits you, it is possible to start its covering. Use wooden rails of 50*25 mm. It is possible to take more widely, but exterior spoils, and the wave turns out insufficiently smooth. To use rails already 5 centimeters will lead to overexpenditure of screws.

As distance between rails it is possible to accept thickness of rails. That rails did not burst when screwing screw, they should be drilled drill.

The sun bed is ready. It is possible to lie down on it and to evaluate bend already on back. As the sun bed is made of two half, it is possible to adjust back a little.

If you were satisfied with result, then the design should be licked into shape. The rail should be ground well. It is desirable to process and round off all corners. For this purpose it is possible to use the electric grinder or the Bulgarian.

For giving to sun bed of pleasant exterior it is possible to use blowpipe. The product will turn out beautiful and unique. If coloring under tree are pleasant, then it is possible to use various mordants. If to take means with wax addition, then it not only will paint sun bed, but also will clog up tree pores. Having blocked wax access of moisture to tree fabrics, you prevent it swelling.

When the first sun bed is ready, it is possible to start production of the second. And it surely is required to you. If not for the spouse, then for the neighbor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team