How longer to keep tulips in vase

The tulips presented to you on the occasion of any holiday or just like that can stand in vase more than ten days. That these wonderful spring flowers as long as possible remained fresh, just conform to the simple rules.

Cold water and sugar

Tulips prefer very cold water. It is possible even to add ice pieces to vase. The water is warmer, the quicker in flowers there are processes of activity and the quicker they will wither.

Before placing flowers in vase, surely lower tips of stalks in sugar. Keep them in it not less than ten minutes. Sugar will slow down growth of bacteria. With the same purpose it is possible to add aspirin if in your house there is no sugar.


That tulips have not hung at once, wind their stalks with the newspaper and in such look put in vase. After a while, remove paper – stalks will not be able to fall any more.

Nutritious solution

The cut-off tulips will be able longer to stay if to place them in nutritious solution. For its preparation stir 1 tablespoons of sugar and pinch of citric acid in 1 l of water. Sugar will regulate condition of cages of flower, and citric acid will suppress growth of bacteria and will prevent oxidation process. Such solution should be prepared every day and to pour it in the washed-up vase.

Cold place

If you want to prolong life to bouquet of tulips, keep it in the darkened cool place. That buds were again closed, the vase with the flowers can be taken out for the night on balcony. It is possible to put in the room again in its morning. Only you do not hold flowers near heating radiator.

Elastic bands on buds

Sometimes tulips are on sale with elastic bands on buds. They are necessary in order that the flower long did not reveal. If indoors where there is bouquet, quite warmly, better not to remove elastic band. Otherwise tulips in heat will quickly blossom and will fall down.

Thuja branch

The branch of thuja or cypress will help to prolong life of tulips. Moreover, this plant put with flowers in one vase is capable to make their coloring more intensively.

Bad neighbourhood

Tulips do not love the neighbourhood with lilies, carnations, narcissuses, roses, orchids, poppies and lilies of the valley. If you in the next vase have these flowers, tulips will quickly wither. Also protect flowers from drafts, cigarette smoke and close stay with fruit.

Main rules of storage of the cut-off tulips are that. At their observance you will be able to prolong them life, and they will begin to please you with the beauty and brightness long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team