How many it is necessary sockets in the room

How many it is necessary sockets in the room

Most often preparation for repair causes the sea of positive thoughts and the interesting ideas in people. Establishing order in own house is as new vital stage from which wait for the best. But when it comes to the repair, everything is much more difficult. Every day of cares which are connected with repair becomes more and more, there is heap of important trifles to which did not attach significance earlier.

We count the necessary number of sockets

It is natural that to foresee everything it is unreal. It is important to consider in advance how to place new furniture after repair. If not to make it, then it is possible to appear in very awkward situation when, for example, sockets are located in very inconvenient places or them just will be very little at the expense of what it will be necessary to load excessively those with various adapters and extenders. The correct approach will help to avoid similar situations.

It is necessary to begin with calculation of quantity of objects which will be included in sockets throughout primary time, for example: TV, oven, extract, fridge, microwave, washing machine and other electric devices. Even it is necessary "to estimate" how many it is required to you sockets in "televizorny zone" (usually in such places it is convenient to put DVD, the computer, floor lamps, columns, the audio system, etc.).

It is also necessary to consider several sockets intended for battery charging of the tablet, phone and/or the notebook. In the bedroom you need the socket for the bedside lamp or floor lamp. If you plan purchase of desk, then and under desk lamp for it do not forget about the socket. Ideally, the separate socket has to be for each of above-mentioned electric devices. Now it is necessary to count how many sockets will be necessary for you for electric devices which you will sometimes use (for example: mixer, coffee grinder, coffee maker, etc.). Proceeding from assignment of these devices, you will choose the place where you need the socket for them. It is also necessary to count on one socket near each door, including balcony door (when you begin to vacuum, you realize all charm of the decision).

How to arrange sockets?

Sockets it is the best of all to dispose in the lower part of the room, at the level of 30 cm to floor. Use special stubs for sockets if in your family there is child. In order that everything had esthetic appearance it is necessary to hide everything carried out cable in plinth. Arrange sockets evenly, in process of their need. Having completed repairs, you will be grateful to yourself for foresight and so competent approach.

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