How often it is necessary to water orchid?

How often it is necessary to water orchid?

Orchids are very beautiful, gentle and quite whimsical flowers. Most of hostesses wants to see this fine plant at the window. But many, without knowing how and when to water them, begin to fill in flowers with water therefore they suffer from bacterial and fungal diseases.

Though orchids also grow in tropical forests, in pouring rains, do not suit them the same in the house. It is necessary to water each type of orchids specially. Ontsidium, dendrobium, kattleya prefer that soil dried up between waterings, and for phalaenopsis, pafiopedilum, odontoglossum and tsimbidium substrate has to remain always vlazhnovaty.

Observe water balance

Orchids do not love overwetting, they will easier take out substrate drying. From overwetting at flowers leaves will turn yellow and roots will begin to decay. Intensive and frequent waterings of plant are demanded only at the active vegetative period, emission of peduncles and blossomings. It is necessary to reduce watering when at orchids there comes the dormant period after blossoming and in the winter when more cool and less light. In warm time the orchid needs to be watered each two-three days, and in winter - one-two times a week.

It is necessary to care for that the soil absolutely dried out between waterings.

Choose water truly

Orchids have got used to rain water which feeds them in the nature. Collect such water if you have opportunity. If, of course, you are far from the city. But if it not so, then it is necessary to water orchids with the water or filtered water which was defended. This obligatory rule as water from water supply system contains the salts which are harmful influencing plants. In regions with normal stiffness of water will be just enough boiling that will get rid of salt impurity in water. The main thing that needs to be known when watering: orchids with bulbs water when bulbs begin to skryuchivatsya; species of flowers which have no bulb need to be watered when the soil has well dried out, and the lower leaves have begun to be wrinkled.

Ways of watering

It is possible to water orchids in several ways. Classical is use of watering can. Carefully water soil from above until water begins to come out drainage holes. Repeat this procedure several times. Water needs to be poured out of pallet. It is the most convenient to use pot with big pallet.

It is better if the water used for watering is warmer than room temperature.

It is possible to water in a different way, submerging cachepot with flowers in bath with water for twenty-thirty minutes. Also for orchids they can create usual tropical rain by means of warm shower, such way of watering promotes more frequent blossoming. Flowers which grow without substrate need to be watered, daily spraying roots from spray. It is necessary to water orchid in the morning that flowers have managed to dry out.

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