How often to fertilize cactus

How often to fertilize cactus

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The cactus is the generalized name for all plants relating to family cactaceous. Most of them have fleshy stalks in prickles and without leaves. South and North America is considered the homeland of all cacti.

In spite of the fact that plants from family of cactaceous are considered as one of the most ancient representatives of flora, the answer to question of their origin and how they have appeared in Earth flora, and remains riddle. As any cactus has not been found at excavation, but the set of rock paintings with their images is revealed, there are only assumptions concerning their origin. Being guided by these drawings, men of science from the field of archeology have drawn conclusion that time and evolution have a little changed appearance of cacti, and even global changes of climate have not left any mark on these wonderful plants. If to trust archeologists and their scientific and research works, then it is possible to assume that these plants have appeared on the planet about 50 million years ago.

What to pay attention when choosing cactus to

For the beginning flower grower the cactus will be the real find, it - the most unpretentious plant, and it is very easy to look after him. Cacti well transfer heat and do not need frequent watering. But nevertheless it is necessary to show consideration for their choice as much as possible.

Upon purchase of cactus, as well as any other plant, it is necessary to pay attention to its exterior - on stalk there should not be dents and the broken prickles. The cactus has to have the correct symmetric form, grow exactly, without deviating aside and to sit most densely in flowerpot. Saturated dark green color of stalk and lack of spots on surface – sign of healthy plant.

Recommendations about leaving and fertilizing of cactaceous

After purchase it is desirable to replace cactus and if during this procedure on root system damages or signs of rotting have been found, then they are accurately deleted. For the normal growth and development, and even blossomings, suit cacti wide superficial pots. The soil in them has to be friable, water-permeable, without components promoting rotting. Lighting is necessary for cactus direct, but disseminated, that is without pronounced solar streams. Cacti do not need intensive watering - in the summer they water in process of soil drying, and in the winter and are more rare than that as at them there comes the period of so-called dream when they need relative cool and absolute rest. Fertilizing of plants from family cactaceous it is possible and it is necessary to carry out from April to September. For this purpose use special fertilizers with mark "for cactaceous" in which there are already all substances and microelements necessary for them. Usually fertilizing needs to be carried out not more often than two times a month. Before its carrying out the plant is watered and delete all young shoots and asymmetrical stalks leaves. On Earth there are about two thousand types of cacti, and all of them grow no more than by 2-3 cm a year. At flower growers the blossoming copies enjoy the greatest popularity, of course. At due leaving and observance of all rules of its contents the cactus can blossom after achievement 3-4 summer age.

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