How often to water carrots

How often to water carrots

To grow up carrots not so difficult in comparison with many other vegetable cultures, but it is necessary to show consideration for this process not less. The main secret is in providing to carrots regular weedings and loosening, the correct watering is and will become pledge of good harvest.

Beds with carrots are almost on each kitchen garden. Gardeners try to grow up carrot so that it was beautiful, strong and healthy. If the harvest turns out not such good, predictably, the reason for that can be not one. Unexperienced gardeners generally blame awful weather or low-quality seeds.

But everything is not so simple – the harvest of root crops depends including on agrotechnology to which it is necessary to draw the most close attention. Correctly and in time the carried-out waterings will have great influence on development and growth of plants, on forming of root, on taste.

If just to sow seeds to the soil and to make waterings when there is time, carrots turn out small, deformed or "wooden".

How often it is necessary to water carrots

It is necessary to carry out waterings of beds of carrots approximately in week – ten days. Water carrots seldom, but evenly and it is abundant. It is important to support uniform moistening of the soil at depth about 10-20 cm. If in this layer to allow excess of moisture, branching of root crop can begin, and the central root will die off.

The lack of moisture of this layer and frequent waterings with small amount of water lead to education at root crop of large number of roots.

It is useful to make after each of waterings easy scarification at the same time – it becomes in order that continuous crusts on the earth were not formed. When loosening the weeds which are constantly appearing on the surface of the soil are at the same time destroyed.

Thanks to frequent loosening it is possible to avoid invasions of carrot fly who the layings has near root crop. For prevention it is also possible to fill ashes along carrots rows.

Waterings on system

It is the best of all to make watering of carrots according to the following scheme: - It is most abundant and frequent it is necessary to water carrots during emergence of shoots. It is necessary to do so until 3-4 small stalks of tops of vegetable are created. - When the root crop has already begun to ripen and was a little poured, it is possible to water a little less often. Waterings have to be regular, regulate amount of water depending on condition of the soil. On the heavy soil of water it will be required more. - More it is necessary to show consideration for watering approximately from the middle of August. It is the period when at root crop because of unevenness of watering the crack can be formed. The general rules for watering – extent of moistening of the soil has to be controlled. Carrots need to be thinned out in time – excess sprouts will take away moisture from good plants. It is necessary to make waterings regularly, it is not especially abundant, but also you should not allow dryings of the soil.

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