How often to water cucumbers in the greenhouse

How often to water cucumbers in the greenhouse

In midland of Russia the gardeners prefer to grow up cucumbers in greenhouses the fact is that cucumbers - plants thermophilic, in the open ground to grow up worthy harvest very difficult. But at due care for culture in the greenhouse the fructification of plants increases many times.

It is known that cucumbers for 90% consist of water. For this reason it is very important to water them competently. To grow up good harvest, it is necessary to conform to three simple rules of watering.

First, cucumbers need to be watered only with warm water, and when watering water should not get on stalks of plants at all. It will help to prevent many fungal diseases. And that water did not get on stalks and leaves, it is necessary to do superficial grooves around saplings and when watering to pour water in them.

Secondly, it is necessary to water cucumbers or early in the morning, or in the evening when the sun sets. In general, most of gardeners consider that watering is more preferable early in the morning as in day excess moisture evaporates and feel nights of plant excellently (there is no humidity surplus). If to water cucumbers in the evenings, then moisture is late in the earth, and air humidity reaches critical point. These factors often lead to the fact that plants are surprised fungal diseases (anthracnose, mealy dew, kladosporiozy, sklerotiniozy and other).

Thirdly, it is necessary to water cucumbers in process of soil drying. It is impossible completely to allow the soil to dry out, it is important that the earth always was slightly damp. As for watering frequency, each gardener chooses it independently. It is possible to water cucumbers as every day in the small portions, so times in two-three days, but in the portions it is more. If cucumbers pour down time in two-three days, then water volume on square meter should not be less than 4-5 liters. At daily watering it is enough to use couple of liters of water on square meter. It is very useful to arrange once a week to cucumbers easy ""shower"". For this purpose enough ""at the roots"" to replace one of waterings with watering via the sprayer. It is desirable to carry out the procedure in cloudy day in the afternoon as it is impossible to assume that at night leaves of cucumbers were damp.

It is important to remember that for good harvest a little it is only timely to water cucumbers, it is necessary to feed up them and, naturally, to air the greenhouse. In the afternoon it is desirable doors and to leave window leaves of the greenhouse open, except for cold cloudy days when air temperature does not exceed 15 degrees of heat. For the night the greenhouse needs to be closed, in warm nights it is not obligatory to do it. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team