How often to water pepper seedling at window

How often to water pepper seedling at window

Though pepper - not especially choosy culture, however during growth of seedling is required to plants special care. The main thing in leaving - the correct watering: it is impossible to allow both dryings of the soil, and its overwetting.

After landing of seeds of pepper to the damp soil the watering needs to be carried out not earlier than in two days. The following watering can be carried out after drying of top layer of the earth. Need everyday watering of plant only after emergence of the first real leaves (water is filled in under backs of saplings in the small portions, literally on tablespoon). After seedling gets stronger, watering can be reduced to once in two days, at the same time the amount of water when watering needs to be increased in two. Thus it is possible to reach watering of plants once in five days, to adjust the volume of water depending on requirements of seedling.

As for watering time, it is better to carry out it in the morning, it is important that in the evenings and at the nights leaves of pepper were dry, it will allow to minimize defeats of plants fungal diseases. After each watering it is desirable to loosen top soil, it is only necessary to do it accurately as damage of backs can lead to death of saplings.

Watering of seedling of pepper after the sword-play

After holding sword-play it is impossible to carry out watering 3-5 days. After the specified time when the soil becomes almost dry, it is necessary it is abundant to water pepper and so that water has completely impregnated soil. After the sword-play it is important to replace seedling in capacity with drainage holes that excess moisture could flow down quietly in pallet. Further watering can be carried out in the normal mode - time in 2-3 days or is slightly more rare, depending on requirements of culture.

What to water pepper seedling with

It is the best of all to carry out watering of plants the clear filtered or otstoyanny water of 25 degrees (on average). It is impossible to use too cold water (lower than 20 degrees) as overcooling of root system can provoke the termination of growth of saplings. If there is opportunity, then use melt water for watering. It is possible to make it as follows: pour otstoyanny water in the capacity (bottle, pan), place it in ""freezer"" for 8-10 hours then take it from ""freezer"" and let's water thaw at the room temperature.

It is important to remember

Competent watering - important condition which will help saplings to develop well. However it is insufficiently simple to water plants and to wait for wonderful harvest. Surely take care of optimum moisture content of indoor air. If pepper stand on window, and under battery windows, then put towel on the battery and regularly moisten it with water. Whenever possible establish humidifier in the apartment.

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