How often to water tomatoes after landing in soil

How often to water tomatoes after landing in soil

Any culture on kitchen garden demands leaving. To receive good harvest of tomatoes, they need to be weeded, fed up and watered.

Seedling planted to the open ground tomato demands personal care. Having chosen correctly tactics of watering of the future vegetables, you will be able to facilitate their accustoming on the new place and to help to avoid set of diseases.

Having watered tomato depends on set of factors. So, watering is influenced by weather patterns, quality of your seedling and composition of the ground in which it is landed. If you grew up seedling not independently, then upon purchase take an interest whether it is tempered. If seedling tempered, then it can safely be landed in the sun and not pritenyat. Abundant watering is sufficient for such seedling once a day. Before disembarkation it is necessary to pour not less than 2 liters of water in each hole if way of disembarkation tomato trench - be guided on situation.

It is the best of all to make watering early in the morning, when there is no scorching sun. In case there is heat in the afternoon and the earth dries up, then watering needs to be repeated in the evening, having poured in 2 liters of water under each bush of tomatoes. All this will help young seedling to take roots and adapt quicker on the new place.

After planting of seedling of tomatoes for week it needs to be watered every day. It will give the chance to plants to take root quicker. As soon as you see that seedling has got stronger on the new place, it is necessary to loosen the soil. It is necessary to do it accurately not to damage young backs. It, so-called, dry watering - oxygen reaches roots tomato and evaporation from the earth decreases.

To the friable earth, water will be delivered to roots much better and quicker. Later few weeks having watered tomato it is already possible to make every three days. It is also desirable to make it since morning.

Having approached question of watering after planting of seedling in soil correctly, you will be able to avoid set of problems and to help your young plants better to accustom on the new place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team