How quickly to become beautiful

How quickly to become beautiful

If you always want to look perfectly, seize art of fast make-up. Having necessary cosmetics in stock, you will be able immediately to put face and hairstyle in order. Fifteen minutes on daily make-up and half an hour on preparation for solemn exit - and at you still will remain time for the choice of suitable dress.

It is required to you

  • - spray and hairspray;
  • - wax for laying;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - foundation;
  • - blush;
  • - lip gloss;
  • - lipstick;
  • - mascara;
  • - color shadows.


  1. Wipe skin with tonic without alcohol and put a little moisturizing cream. Slightly hammer it with finger-tips. While cream is absorbed, be engaged in hairstyle. Comb hair, sprinkle them spray for laying or apply a little mousse. Wind locks on big hair curlers on velcros.
  2. Put on face light foundation or base under make-up. It can matt face or give it easy shine. You can try novelty – the cream combining in itself functions of tone, care product, the proofreader and highlighter. After its drawing the person instantly looks well-groomed. Besides, the shade of such cream easily adapts to tone of your skin and does not create sharp color borders.
  3. Carefully shade tone. Quickly disguise problem places, having pointwise applied on them the dense proofreader. You should not cover each speck, it is enough to hide dark circles under eyes or unexpectedly developed heat-spot. Powder skin easy loose means by means of big fluffy brush.
  4. Apply with two wide dabs on cheekbones blush, having shaded them to temples and chin. Choose quiet tone – plum, pinkish-beige, dark pink. Instead of blush, powder of color of suntan will approach – it will make the person thinner and expressive.
  5. Apply on eyelids a little dark powder or beige-brown shadows. Tint eyelashes the black extending ink, and apply soft gloss on lips.
  6. Remove hair curlers from hair, you sbyznit curls varnish and shake up them fingers. Slightly smooth them hairbrush. Now hair can be chopped off in negligent bunch or them to leave free to fall down on shoulders.
  7. If you want to turn quickly day make-up into evening, remove the make-up remains cosmetic milk and tonic. Apply to skin cream with effect of lifting, and over it put thin layer of foundation of satin texture.
  8. Under eyebrows add the shining patches of light by means of highlighter or shadows. Smooth eyebrows color wax. Cover upper eyelid with liquid shadows of dark gray, swampy green or chocolate shade. Wait several minutes until shadows dry.
  9. Correct hairstyle. Sprinkle it spray or hairspray and shake up curls fingers, slightly tightening up them. Collect hair in plait and highly pin up it on nape. Pound a little wax in palms and record them the ends of locks, having laid them ringlets. Decorate hairstyle with large decorative hairpin.
  10. Apply two layers of volume ink on eyelashes. Emphasize cheekbones with dark blush, having carefully shaded them. Slightly powder cheekbones brilliant powder. Circle contour of lips with pencil, paint them with lipstick, and in the center put drop of golden gloss for giving to plumpness lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team