How quickly to construct lodge

How quickly to construct lodge

It is possible to construct quickly warm and cozy lodge, using modern methods of construction. To choose suitable design, it is necessary to learn all features of materials from which are built the building.


1. Choose type stroyeniyadlya fast construction of houses the precast structures executed on different technology are used: on the basis of frameworks, sandwich panels and wooden boards. For example, the first are filled with insulating material and are sheathed by boards or lining, and walls of the panel board house are put up from ready sandwich panels. But all types of unit built houses connect in uniform design only on the site.

2. Make fundamentposkolka design of unit built house easy, for it it is inexpedient to do the powerful base. It is possible to make column or pile basis of the house. To protect construction from deformation when freezing soil, flood the pile and column base up to the depth of the maximum freezing of the soil.

3. Collect frame domstena of such building are carried out from timber, concrete or metal frame constructions. Put on the base framework from bar and sheathe it from two parties. Fill empty space with heat-insulating material. Apply for this purpose various materials: sawdust, fiber board, mineral wool, slag, gravel. Choose for warming mineral wool – light, eco-friendly and non-combustible material. After filling of piers start finishing of the room. From outer side sew up framework with moisture resistant plates and revet with plaster or siding.

4. Make to panel board domiksoberita the house of ready wooden boards – the board framework filled with various materials and battened. By factory production all wooden parts are dried up, covered with anti-septic tank, prepared for painting and do not need additional treatment. If you intend to finish outer surfaces of the house, use modern material: siding – it will for a while delay construction, but will provide additional protection of the building against cold and wind.

5. Use composite you konstruktsiiostanovit the attention to sandwich panels - three-layer wall design from galvanized sheets between which there is heater layer. Thanks to small weight, the building from this material does not demand the powerful base. It is possible to pick up color of panels for taste – they do not need additional finishing. Besides, application guarantees sandwich panels not only the high speed of construction, but also warmly in the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team