How quickly to make compost

How quickly to make compost

Compost is important in life of plants. It contains minerals, microelements and various bacteria. They help your landings to develop, to raise and present you with tasty vegetables and fruit. It is possible to make compost, it is important to know some rules only.

Compost turns out by decomposition of vegetable waste. It is necessary for fertilizer of kitchen gardens, from them plants "exhaust" useful substances for the benefits. For receiving compost you need small court yard of 0.5*1 m in size or big wooden box. Both have to be air-permeable and blown. Also waste from your table will be necessary: fruit and vegetable cleanings, coffee thick, tea tea leaves. Compost – convenient way of utilization of garbage for any summer resident, it almost does not collect in your house and the yard.

The basis of compost is formed by brown parts. Treat them: the paper (which is not varnished and without dyes), cardboard, coffee and tea thick, sawdust, shavings, small branches of trees, pieces of stubs, dry grass, fallen leaves, old fabrics, rags, stalks of corn and sunflower, slightly ashes from the furnace. Brown part of compost serves as power supply for useful bacteria.

Green part of compost new-mown grass, cleanings of fruit and vegetables, dung of herbivores, shell from eggs are, cabbage stumps from heads of cabbage, its leaves, stalks of weeds, seaweed. Green part quickly decays, eaten by soil microbes.

The ratio of brown part to green will be as 5:1. That is you stack one centimeter of green part on five-centimetric layer of brown components. If the last part is a lot of, then heap will smell of ammonia, in common people – rotten eggs. In this case it should be added brown components. If, on the contrary, green part is not enough, then compost will rot very long. The real compost has to smell of the earth.

Also from compost it is possible to notice evaporations. It is normal, in compost heap temperature is maintained near 60C. Having held up hand is closer to heap, you have to feel outgoing heat. If there is no heat, then add green components.

Compost always has to be shadowing humidified. Do not forget to add water that microbes have not dried to droughty summer. In rainy weather, on the contrary, cover with film from excessive moisture.

Do not forget that the microbes working for the benefit of your future harvest aerobic. It means that they surely need air. Constantly to provide them with air, you stir heap of compost as often as possible.

Compost – it is convenient for you and it is useful for your kitchen garden. In it there is no chemistry which could pass into harvest, your site is always clean from grass and any garbage. And the main thing, it is absolutely free.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team