How simply and cheap to decorate the seasonal dacha independently

How simply and cheap to decorate the seasonal dacha independently

Each creatively conceiving summer resident is able to create interesting design of the seasonal dacha the hands. Success of this easy way is guaranteed to any even without vocational education. The site size also does not matter. The question of the price is not necessary in general. And a lot of time for creation of such decor is not required.

At each dacha there will be, apparently, unnecessary things. But it only at first sight is represented that they superfluous because have served the lines – have grown old or have broken. It is worth looking narrowly, to dream up and start a little decoration of the seasonal dacha by own efforts.


1. It is necessary to inspect the possession, without excluding garbage heap, regarding detection of things which can be used as flower beds or flowerpots on the seasonal dacha. It can be anything: old footwear, basin full of holes, the cracked grandmother's cup, the bothered pan or bucket …

2. Now the naturalness and old things with history are fashionable. Even new is sostarivat specially. Therefore if you accept exterior of the found objects, then, dust with them and put on use. If things are pleasant more brightly and is fresher, then it is possible to take residues of paint and to update.

3. What with it to do, we will consider on the example of basket with leaky bottom, logs from old tree and teapot with the peeled-off enamel.

4. In design of the seasonal dacha there are three possible options of use: vase for the garden or picked wild flowers which are cut off, stationary mini-bed or portable flower bed.

5. On one of examples the log from the cut tree was painted saturated blue color. Filled up in it the earth and have planted unpretentious plants which expand dense carpet. Near blue log the blue forget-me-nots have created harmonious couple on color.​

6. Have poured water into old teapot and have put in it bouquet of the wild flowers picked on walk.

7. Have put dried flowers in basket full of holes. And it is possible to put inside the container with water, and in it fresh flowers.

8. If at teapot to punch bottom, then from it the stationary mini-bed for many or annual flowers of small format will turn out.

9. It is easy to choose the location and to change easily. It is visible according to photos as selected the place for teapot and basket.

Pluses of such approach to decoration of the seasonal dacha the hands are obvious – economically, quickly, individually, creatively, comfortably, simply, sincerely, mnogovariantno and incredibly mobile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team