How to accelerate fructification of fruit-trees

How to accelerate fructification of fruit-trees

When people put the garden, they dream to eat as soon as possible the apple or pear which are grown up by the hands on own site. Trees have the cycle of development too, but there is way which accelerates fructification term - it is change of orientation of branches.

It is required to you

  • - young saplings of apple-trees, pears
  • - struts
  • - twine


1. In what essence of method. That trees did not stuff up growth kidney, it is necessary to change orientation of the branches growing up in position in which they become parallel to the earth. The more the branch is in such state, the less there is growth of vegetative weight and quicker the period of bookmark and development of fruits begins.

2. When to do it. It is necessary to be engaged in change of orientation when the active sokodvizheniye (somewhere in May) on young people, age up to 4 years trees begins. On saplings is more senior than four years of branch not flexible, and it will be difficult to spread wide them. Can happen that in places of growth of branches from trunk they will simply break off. It is the best of all if at you in garden standard saplings are planted by age of one-two years. In one or two years when they give 3-4 directions in different directions, it is possible to start way of change of orientation of branches.

3. As to do it. This way is the most painless and the safest for fruit-trees. It becomes by means of installation of pegs in the form of the struts unbending skeletal branch from trunk or pull-off of branches by means of the twine connecting the middle of branch to the trunk basis, or, the sticks hammered into the soil down. At the same time it is impossible to assume that the branch was strongly bent and therefore it is necessary to fix rope for the middle. If to attach rope for branch top, the arc-shaped bend on which growth kidneys are stuffed up is formed, and acceleration of fructification does not happen. In the fall when the bases of branches become firm and will become covered with bark, will remain in horizontal position, extensions can be removed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team