How to accelerate germination

How to accelerate germination

For different seeds of vegetable cultures there are methods for germination acceleration. The cover at seeds is firmer, the longer this type of culture is prepared for germination. Some types of cultures do not give shoots without preparation at all or give single and weak shoots.


1. For germination of tomatoes and protection them from diseases it is necessary to lower before soaking of seeds them for 15 minutes in pink solution of potassium permanganate. To remove all emerged seeds, they will not ascend. Merge potassium permanganate, wrap seeds in fabric, moisten fabric. In a day put capacity with seeds on the lower shelf of the fridge for the night. Pull out in the morning. Put to the warm place. On third day seed seeds in box. Bury at 1-1.5 cm. Cover with cellophane for germination. As soon as there are first shoots, deliver to the sun.

2. Seeds: cucumbers, squash, pumpkin, parsley, peas, cabbage, beet, garden radish, watermelons - couch equally. Fill in fabric, wet, cover with cellophane. In two days it is possible to land. After disembarkation you watch that the soil did not dry up to shoots.

3. For the accelerated germination of onion sets cut off top, wet in warm water for 8-10 hours. After jumping to the soil do not powder. Just seat and water. By the same method plant garlic.

4. The garden radish needs to be planted on depth no more than 1 cm. At deep landing the garden radish will not ascend.

5. For the accelerated germination of onions-chernushki wet seeds in fabric for 2 days. Close up to the soil on depth of 1 cm.

6. Seeds which are in strong cover need to be retted in fabric for longer period. That seeds have bulked up, and cover of razmokl. As soon as they arise, land in soil.

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