How to accelerate maturing of tomatoes on the seasonal dacha

How to accelerate maturing of tomatoes on the seasonal dacha

The issue of acceleration of maturing of tomatoes concerns many summer residents. It is especially pleasant to collect already reddened fragrant fruits from branches. To achieve it, it is necessary, first of all, to learn to form plants correctly.

Forming of tomatoes includes, mainly, pasynkovaniye and nipping.

Pasynkovaniye of tomatoes

As tomatoes strongly branch, forming at the same time in each kidney which is in leaf bosom, side escape, it is recommended to be deleted, that is to carry out pasynkovaniye. If not to do this procedure, then soon on all side escapes flower brushes will appear. It will slow down growth and development of all plant and, respectively, maturing of fruits. Pasynkovaniye provokes not only the accelerated maturing of tomatoes, but also increases the first harvests. It is recommended to Pasynkovat tomatoes, first of all, in areas with short summer and also at cultivation of late grades of tomatoes, at thickened landings and if plants strongly go to growth to the detriment of infructescence. At pasynkovaniye of plant two or three stalks can be created in one. In the first case on the main stalk delete all side escapes which were formed in bosom of each leaf, in the second - leave the stepson who was formed under the first flower brush. In the third case leave the same stepson, and one more, being below, but well developed. New stepsons appear regularly on plants of tomatoes therefore they need to be deleted in time. It is desirable, it to do by scissors, leaving stump about 1 cm. 

Nipping of tomatoes

The nipping of tomatoes is carried out if there is need to limit growth of escapes. At the same time delete part of top of the fructifying escape. Such procedure allows to accelerate forming and maturing of the tied fruits. Depending on different factors, such as plant variety, weather patterns or location of the area, nipping is carried out over the 2nd, 3rd or 4th brushes. This procedure is especially important for late tall grades. Along with it delete also all flower brushes which will not manage to create fruits any more. 

Will help to accelerate maturing of tomatoes and such reception as turning of fruits to the sun. At the same time on plant delete all turned yellow and dry leaves, and under escapes with tomatoes put wooden support. Thus, the sun will get on tomatoes that will cause their fastest maturing. 

If on bush there are well created, but still immature fruits, then they can be removed also in such state. It will help to accelerate filling other fruits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team