How to accustom neighbors to close door in entrance

How to accustom neighbors to close door in entrance

Many people have got used to enter entrance and to leave doors wide open if they are not closed. In some cases under heel of door put stone or other subject that the admission was free.

Not all to residents it to liking, the majority nevertheless is afraid when in entrance practically always free access. What can be undertaken if normal talk, requests, announcements do not help and doors continue to remain wide open?

What dangers can trap behind the open door

Most often in such stairwell thieves who or purposefully open apartments of wealthy people are active or neighboring addicts try to get anywhere to profit. Homeless animals can suit toilet under ladder, places on stair landings bums can occupy. Probability to be robbed as the criminal can wait the victim in any secluded corner is high.

Women and children, they weaker physically therefore better with someone foreign it not to enter entrance become the victims in such cases usually.

Commonplace when in similar cases just select material values, but there are also terrible crimes when the victim is pushed into the apartment. Quite so maniacs act, leaving behind the torn to pieces body. It is necessary to tell about all this intelligibly to those who do not like to move once again hand that own dwelling and apartments of neighbors were in safety.

How to arrive that neighbors began to close doors in entrance

It is necessary to lead discussion with those who are engaged in this ignoble business. Further it is possible to arrive as follows: to print the announcement notification, where to specify that in winter time the consumption of energy resources for heating of the street significantly increases and the cost of heat will be much counted and distributed pokvartirno, taking into account living, the sum will be 5 thousand, for example.

The person has strong feeling of property, profit and on greed it is possible to play to general advantage.

And to sign "Administration ZhEK". In some cases helps. It is possible to tell about next "robbery" of the apartment in other stairwell where too doors are not closed. Details can be thought up more terribly. It is possible to install the closer which will tighten door cloth. The ZhEK has to establish it. In case of its inaction, it is possible to chip in together with neighbors for the safety. Or to put on door squeaker which will not allow to pass by, will demand to close pass. The intercom becomes excellent exit, it is completed with the closer. Usually one of methods works, and people become more conscious.

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