How to acidify the soil

How to acidify the soil

Depending on the mineral and chemical composition, soils can be neutral, acid and alkaline. The acidity is characterized by pH indicator. On neutral soils of pH=7. The this indicator is lower, the soil is sourer.


1. Many ornamental plants prefer the sour soil: rhododendrons, gardenias, genista, violet. The Srednekisly soil suits raspberry, wild strawberry, gooseberry, potatoes, cabbage. To acidify the soil, bring in it the rerotting coniferous needles or sawdust of coniferous trees and alder as fertilizer.

2. Needles, sawdust and bark can be applied as mulch. Fresh sawdust extends nitrogen from the soil. If you decide to use them, add nitrogenous fertilizers under plants not to deplete the earth. As mulch also use weak tea and coffee. They not only hold moisture and fertilize the soil, but also protect plants from slugs.

3. Add to water for watering oxalic or citric acid (2 tablespoons on water bucket) and apple or wine cider vinegar (100 g on bucket). It is possible to acidify water sulphuric acid or new unused electrolyte for accumulators. It must be kept in mind that concentration of the sulphuric acid which is part of electrolyte depends on its density. Colloid sulfur can be also used as oxidizer.

4. For house plants in specialized shops sell the fertilized soils with the correct mineral structure and the necessary pH level. But if you use the normal earth which was gathered at the dacha or in the forest, for acidulation it is possible to add several drops of lemon juice to water.

5. Well water infusion acts on lemon crusts. Weak tea and coffee is not recommended to use houses as they can become food for drosophilas, or fruit front sights.

6. It is possible to define acidity of the soil in different ways. The most reliable – the household pH meter which different models are on sale in specialized shops.

7. Currant or cherry leaves will become the good indicator of acidity. Fill in 3-4 leaves with glass of boiled water. When infusion cools down, throw earth pinch there. If the soil sour, water reddens if subacidic – turns blue. Green color – indicator of the alkalescent or neutral environment.

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