How to add column

How to add column

The important tool for work with documents are tables. They are applied to streamlining of data on documents, objects, people. Tabulation register both in digital, and in alphabetic reference. As a rule, PC users use the special Exel program for work with tables, formulas, calculations and transformation greatness, but to draw separate lines and columns and ordered it is possible to arrange them across / verticals and in Microsoft Word.

It is required to you

  • Personal computer, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel


1. For creation of the table it is possible to use the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel programs of the Windows operating system of various modifications.

2. Creation of this element in the Microsoft Word text editor assumes use of the standard table or drawing new manually by means of commands for Table control panels - "To draw the table". This method of creation is used for creation of tables of irregular shape.

3. To add column to such tables, allocate column before which it is necessary to insert new and right-click. Choose the Add command in the appeared context menu.

4. For addition of additional columns you can also use the Table menu - "to Add" and also to copy already available and to insert into the right place of the table.

5. The open sheet Microsoft Excel already represents the simplest table having alphabetic references of columns across and digital designation of lines down. It is simple and convenient to work with them.

6. For creation of new column in already existing table it is possible to vopolzovatsya in two ways. Right-click on name (letter) of column, ahead (on the left side of) which it is necessary to add column. In the opened context menu choose the Insert command.

7. Allocate column, more to the left (ahead of) which it is necessary to insert new column. Pass to the Main tab, find the Cells group and click on the Insert button.

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