How to adjust climate control

How to adjust climate control

Today devices are widely used to creation of microclimate in the house. The smart home systems operating heat-insulated floors, heaters, ventilation cleaners and humidifiers allow to create indoors comfortable conditions, flexibly adapting to our requirements. That all system functioned faultlessly, such climate control needs to be adjusted correctly.


1. Determine settings which you will configure and also zones of their action. Forming in the house of climate is meant as not only management of temperature, humidity and air circulation, but also maintenance of certain conditions for different zones (bedroom, the living room, the nursery, kitchen, utility and economic rooms, etc.).

2. Use for control of characteristics of microclimate the standard devices of the smart home system including the touch panels and screens reacting to touch of fingers, remote controls, multikeyboard switches. Similar devices are elements of system of climatic control.

3. Set weather conditions in rooms of the house one of available ways. First of all, enter into system the required conditions, for example, air humidity in single room, temperature and so on. This way is convenient if the climate has to be adjusted in the manual mode. The smart home system itself at the same time will choose the scenario, exercising control over subsystems (conditioners, floor heating, humidifiers).

4. Choose in advance entered standard scenario of control of parameters on the remote controller and start it. To each scenario you can set the name, for example, "Dream" in advance. At activation of such scenario the system will switch off lighting in the bedroom, will establish the comfortable microclimate promoting full-fledged dream, and if necessary will even include soft lighting "on duty" in the nursery. Parameters in the set range of values are supported automatically (before cancellation of the scenario or the termination of the programmed interval of time).

5. Prepare several scenarios for different zones. It will allow to enact programs, without wasting time for their daily creation and specification of parameters. Programming of scenarios of climate control - quite simple business available even to the child familiar with work bases on the personal computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team