How to adjust sliding wardrobe door

How to adjust sliding wardrobe door

To adjust sliding wardrobe door, it is not obligatory to use services of the master. Everything can be made independently. The main thing is to find source of trouble and way of its elimination.


1. If the shutter of cabinet is slightly slightly opened and does not adjoin densely wall, it is necessary to repair or replace stopper. This part represents small plate which has to be located exactly on the center in groove of the lower guide. When it has moved or has lost stability, correct it and record by means of super-glue. Establish new plate if former is absent.

2. Often after long use the sliding wardrobe door slightly warps. It is always noticeable at once – the party adjoining wall or the panel forms gap from below or from above. To eliminate defect, adjust compartment shutter.

3. Find on the aluminum shape in face two small openings with six-sided screws. One of them fixes shutter frame, and the second is intended for adjustment of door. You need the last, the most extreme. If the gap is formed in upper part, it is necessary to turn the screw counterclockwise. With each half-turn the shutter will fall and soon will exactly adjoin wall or the side panel. The lower gap is eliminated also, it is only necessary to turn the screw clockwise. For adjustment use normal hexagonal wrench.

4. Sometimes the shutter of sliding wardrobe leaves from the lower guide, in this case it is just put into place. Further to prevent similar problem, do not make efforts when you move door. It is also necessary to watch that did not interfere with the course of compartment the things which are in cabinet. It is better to correct them, than to correct such error.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team