How to adjust the antenna

How to adjust the antenna

Undoubted plus of satellite television is large number of channels corresponding different to tastes and spectator requirements. Of course, you can pay money to providers for use of services of cellular communication. However, if you have desire to save, you can independently collect the system of satellite broadcasting.


1. Antennas are receivers of signal. It is reflected in certain point which is called focus in which there is converter – the converter of frequencies from high Si Ku in frequency from 950 to 2150 MHz. This signal passes from the antenna to receiver more simply. After receiver deciphers digital satellite signal and broadcasts it on the TV.

2. If you want to assemble independently the antenna, address information on the Internet. Register at specialized forums where to you will help to choose parts taking into account geographic location. Perhaps, you need to buy the universal converter with the minimum indicator of noise. The number of channels which you will be able to accept from the specific satellite depends on it.

3. The Satellite Transponders program is required to you to define radio stations, television channels and range of broadcasting of the necessary satellite with transponderny frequencies. To learn cover zone of the chosen satellite, visit the website LyngSat Maps.

4. The free Satellite Antenna Alignment program is intended to count location of the satellite concerning point of your arrangement. Include the program, set the longitude and the latitude of the city in which you are, later it is necessary to choose the satellite. The program will specify where the plate and on what corner it is necessary to lift it has to be directed.

5. In the main menu of receiver you should select the Control item, then "Installation of the antenna". Set the transponder frequency, symbolical speed, find type of the converter of LNB "Universal 2" DiSEqC. The lower scale "Quality" will show 0% if you have specified correct settings.

6. Now you can pass to directly plate. Define the direction in which there is South. Slowly move the antenna across, studying all horizon. Then lower plate down by one degree and repeat the procedure again. When there is signal, find the best value, fix the antenna.

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