How to adjust the chainsaw

How to adjust the chainsaw

That the chainsaw long and smoothly worked, it needs to be adjusted. The main control concerns the saw carburetor. The profitability of operation of the device and convenience of treatment of him in the course of sawing depends on the correct adjustment of the carburetor.

It is required to you

  • Screw-driver, tachometer, technical data sheet of the chainsaw


1. Setup of the carburetor of the chainsaw consists in adjustment of provision of jets. As a rule, the carburetor has three screws for adjustment: screw of jet of low turns, screw of jet of high turns and idle mixture adjustment screw of saw.

2. The two first the screw regulate ratio of gas mixture and air which is defined by opening of valve of throttle. If you need to impoverish mix, twirl the screw clockwise if mix it is necessary to enrich and increase quantity of turns, the screw should be turned off, rotating counterclockwise.

3. For adjustment of turns of idling use the corresponding screw. Having turned it clockwise, you will increase quantity of turns, at rotation of the screw counterclockwise speed decreases.

4. After purchase of saw during several working hours it is necessary to save the tunings performed at manufacturer (there the carburetor is adjusted on richer mix). After that it is possible to adjust the carburetor independently.

5. At adjustment keep in mind that rotation of the screw of jet of high turns influences the power and rotating speed of chain. Impoverishment of gas mixture leads to excess turns and can put saw out of action.

6. After warming up of the engine of saw in full operation within several seconds turn the screw of jet of high turns counterclockwise and let's the device work 10 seconds. By means of the tachometer check the maximum turns. They have to correspond to the speed stated in the passport to the chainsaw. At too grown poor mix the saw begins "to squeal", and at adjustment on excessively rich mix the muffler can smoke.

7. Optimum adjustment of parameters of the chainsaw has to be carried out by the expert having access to the tachometer.

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