How to adjust the mechanical clock

How to adjust the mechanical clock

Feature of the mechanical clock is that they long time constantly are in work and as any mechanism in such cases, need periodic control and adjustment.


1. Very often faulty operation of the mechanical clock arises because of hit in the body of dirt, moisture or drying of lubricant. In this case just sort the hours, wash out and grease the mechanism. Before it it is necessary to study well its device and the sequence of dismantling and assemblies, otherwise on completion of work you can find "excess" parts.

2. For washing of the clockwork use gasoline which should be poured in transparent capacity to level about 2 cm. First of all wash out larger parts – platinum, bridges, further wheels and other parts. For cleaning it is possible to use brush, and for strongly polluted grooves – the sharpened stick. The cleaned parts are dried up by current of air from normal rubber pears. Considering the small sizes of parts, it is necessary to take them only tweezers.

3. There are also other malfunctions. So, if hours at the plant crackle, so most likely, the clockwork wheel has worn out or has broken. In this case it should be replaced. At distortion of clockwork wheel tighten screws, and at prekosa of the winding stem it also should be replaced.

4. Most likely the factory defect of translated wheel is the reason of hard switching. Know that it should be replaced. Sometimes the mechanism does not switch from the switching mode to the mode of the plant. In this case check whether the shift lever clockwork is pressed and if your assumption was confirmed – unbend it. At the hard plant of spring grease clockwork wheel.

5. There can be situation when at the working mechanism of arrow do not rotate. It happens because of frequent switching. For fault repair replace minute glass with driving wheel. If during the plant of arrow begin to rotate quickly, so in your hours the wheel of the main wheel system has broken. Attentively examine the mechanism, find it and replace.

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