How to air the apartment

How to air the apartment

Closeness, unpleasant smells of dust and mustiness in the apartment, excessive air humidity and emergence of mold. How to get rid of it? The recipe is simple. Regular and competent airing of the apartment which will allow you to breathe fresh and clean air. But how to do it it is correct?


1. If you just took bath, washed the dishes hot water or cooked broth – the humidity in your house has sharply increased. In that case recommend to make so-called "shock airing" thanks to which the remoistened air quickly comes to light. For five-ten minutes open windows wide open. And if there is opportunity, arrange draft – it accelerates air change process. Later short time you will feel how air has freshened up. In the same way it is possible to save the apartment from ashes or the child.

2. It is necessary to air the apartment at least three-four times a day, and rooms in which constantly there are people – each hour. In order that air in the apartment was quickly updated, it is the best of all to arrange temporary draft, having opened the windows coming to different sides of the house. If all windows come to the same party, it is possible to slightly open outer door. Airings have to be short (several minutes), but whenever possible intensive. Open windows more widely!

3. Every morning surely properly air the bedroom. First, it will help to save the room from excess moisture which you "have made the air" in day. Secondly, it is so pleasant to begin morning with drink of the fresh invigorating air!

4. In the winter time of airing can be reduced to one-two minutes. During this time air will manage to be updated, but the room will not manage to cool down. But absolutely you should not refuse fresh air even in frosts. And here constantly it is not necessary to hold window leaf slightly slightly opened. It vystuzhat rather, than airs your room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team