How to apply blush depending on shape of face

How to apply blush depending on shape of face

picked up blush and having made only several easy movements, the woman is capable to change the appearance in a flash. Though use of blush is not considered obligatory, it is really possible to call this way of correction of shape of face effective and easy.

It is required to you

  • - blush;
  • - mirror;
  • - brush for make-up.


  1. You apply blush so that to emphasize the dignity of the person and, whenever possible, to hide its shortcomings. Previously define type of the person and you do all make-up according to this feature. Surely consider tone of the skin and hair color.
  2. The oval shape of face is considered ideal therefore to it it is possible to pick up the greatest number of options of make-up. To give to make-up tenderness and ease, use dry blush of light shades. The line has to be rather narrow. Apply blush with the vertical movement on hollows which are formed if you pull in cheeks. For evening exits choose blush of more saturated tone. You put them closer to internal part of cheekbones and shade by means of big brush. So features will be distinguished more brightly that will be in harmony with all your evening image.
  3. Visually to correct triangular face and to give it the oval form, accent area of cheeks by means of dark blush. Put them in the form of small rhombuses. Slightly touch brush of temples and chin. Shade.
  4. The rectangular or square shape of the person is adjusted by the blush applied in the form of the turned triangle which top are corners of lips. Conduct the planimetric line to temples. Use at the same time not too big brush. In this case blush should not be shaded strongly, the contour has to be rather accurate.
  5. On round face most often try to correct shape of cheeks. For this purpose use blush of more saturated shades. You put the planimetric line accurately, shade very easily. Besides, try not to use blush with nacre since additional gloss reflects light and can emphasize excessive rotundity of the person only.
  6. You put blush on face of trapezoid form cross dabs of mainly dark shades from the middle of eyes to temples. It considerably "will facilitate" the lower part of the person and will visually correct its form.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team