How to apply mineral powder

How to apply mineral powder

to add minerals to composition of decorative cosmetics long ago, in Ancient Egypt for these purposes used lead, ultramarine and mica, crushing them to fine powder. Mineral cosmetics possesses row really unique qualities therefore enjoys wide popularity.


  1. Correctly to apply mineral powder, conform to three basic rules: "twist", "knock", "rotate". Mineral powder is packed in special jars in which the additional cover with openings (sifter) is established. Such design helps to dose powder conveniently.
  2. Twist jar and turn it upside down several times. On the main cover will settle the required amount of minerals. Hammer with special brush in it powder, here it is important that minerals have appeared inside, but not on the surface of pile. Otherwise and in that place where the brush will for the first time touch face, them will be too much - and the layer will turn out uneven.
  3. Having shaken surplus of powder from brush and having turned it pile up, knock on firm surface, so minerals will better disperse on all length of pile.
  4. You apply with rotary, easy motions powder around, kind of rubbing it, from nose to cheekbones, mentioning face contour, cheeks, forehead and chin. That there is no visible sharp border of drawing left do not forget about zone of decollete and neck.
  5. You apply mineral powder with special brushes: kabuki or flaules. Kabuki are dense round brush from natural pile with the short handle. It it is comfortable and convenient to apply powder with very dense layer. Flaules it is similar to mini-brush for powder, it flat with oval cut also is made also of natural materials. The brush flaules suits for less dense covering that allows to reduce amount of powder and more carefully to distribute minerals on skin.
  6. The natural make-up turns out after drawing thin layer of basis, for more saturated option put powder repeatedly on all face. In places where time is expanded, do not rub powder with circular motions, and you put with light touch. On places of reddening of skin accurately shade it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team