How to apply tobacco dust

How to apply tobacco dust

Waste products of tobacco factories – inexpensive and effective biological material for fertilizing of plants and protection them from insects wreckers. Tobacco dust, convenient for storage and use, can be applied as in the form of powder, and in the liquid state.

The tobacco powder pounded in fine dust – widely applied organic means for care for plants promoting increase in productivity and which is natural insecticide. When using tobacco waste it is necessary to take care of protection of respiratory organs and eyes and also not to apply kitchen ware to preparation of broths and infusions.


Tobacco dust is natural fertilizer, the soils improving state and the providing good nutrition of plants at the expense of the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizer does not need pretreatment and preparation, can be used in combination with manure or chicken dung.

Melkogranulirovanny powder of tobacco is added to the soil during autumn and spring garden works in small amount: about 3 g on one square meter. When landing large fruit-trees in each hole fill up about 3-4 kg, and add 500-600 g of tobacco dust to the holes intended for landing of small bushes. For fertilizing of pottery plants powder of tobacco is mixed with sand and soil in equal quantities. Before crops of seeds of lawn herbs it is recommended to powder lawn surface with tobacco dust in number of about 2 l then slightly to loosen the soil and carefully to water it.


After the fructifying trees fade, it is reasonable to carry out their regular fumigating by smoke from the smoldering tobacco dust – this measure allows to protect plants from plant louse, the whitefly, deaf adder, fruit moth. Fumigating is made in warm weather in the absence of wind, using protective equipment for respiratory organs. For holding this procedure between garden beds display dry straw, branches or garbage, from above fill about 2 kg of tobacco powder and carefully set fire. Optimum time of influence of tobacco smoke - of 30 minutes till 2 o'clock.


Not less effective method of fight against garden wreckers is also spraying of plants tobacco broth or infusion. The concentrated solution of tobacco expels ants, slugs, trips, listovertok, web pincers, flea beetles. At broth preparation one part of tobacco is filled in with ten parts of water and boiled on small fire within 30-40 minutes, adding the evaporating liquid up to the former volume. Then within a day broth is infused, carefully filtered and diluted with water: one part of broth has to fall on three parts of water. Before application add about 40 g of liquid or small planed soap which provides good sticking of broth to leaves of trees to bucket of solution. During boiling it is possible to add a little onions peel to tobacco – it will help to expel from garden of caterpillars-listogryzov. For infusion preparation tobacco is filled in with warm water in proportion 1:10 and insisted within one and a half-two days with periodic stirring. Filtration of solution is made through double layer of gauze then infusion is diluted without fail with water in the same proportion, as for broth, add laundry detergent or liquid soap. Spraying by infusion of tobacco is carried out by 2 times a day with break in one week.

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