How to arrange bed in the bedroom

How to arrange bed in the bedroom

People sleep third of the life, in dream there is restoration of organism therefore the bedroom had to convenient to provide good rest. But if the dream does not bring relaxation and in the mornings we feel absolutely not rested, then it is possible, has put here in the wrong arrangement of bed.


1. The most known rule - do not put bed foot to door. It is considered bad sign, legs forward from the room take out dead men. And the hair dryer-shuy warns too against such arrangement of bed as at night through door the negative energy can get. If suddenly on another it is impossible to rearrange bed, then to reduce negative impact, during sleep close door. Or put in legs screen, the rack with climbers, but it has to be higher than the level of bed.

2. Do not dispose bed headboard to window, the sleeping person is absolutely defenseless and vulnerable, and the window does not provide full feeling of safety. Put bed headboard to wall and far away from window better, drafts in the bedroom are not necessary.

3. Do not hang up any bulky, heavy objects over bed - chandeliers, cabinets, regiments, beams cause subconscious concern and tension.

4. Do not hang up over bed on ceiling or opposite to it mirror. The mirror will reflect energy and to direct it back, and the sleeping person has to be exempted in dream from unnecessary information, from bad emotions, from gloomy thoughts and problems.

5. Arrange bed so that lying on it, you saw outer door. If it cannot be organized, then hang up mirror so that to see in it door. The most favorable arrangement of bed — on diagonal to door. It is desirable to direct headboard of bed to the North or the East. If bed matrimonial, then provide free access to it from all directions. When one spouses it is forced to get through the second, it is very inconvenient, and besides, creates power imbalance. If single bed, stand it for bigger security in the corner better.

6. If the bedroom very spacious, then arrange wide bed far from walls, create peculiar island of dream. Hang up canopy around bed, it will create the atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy.

7. Be not too lazy to follow these rules and carry out small shift, and your dream will become fuller, you will get enough sleep and be loaded with energy for all day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team