How to arrange fireplace

How to arrange fireplace

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It is pleasant to be about fireplace: heat of fire warms, and its unique game distracts from thoughts and calms. That the fireplace decorated space and served as significant addition to interior, it is necessary to choose its location correctly.


1. If you build the spacious house and have decided to establish in it fireplace, in advance define its form, the size and location. Fireplace it is possible to arrange differently: in corner, about internal wall or in the center of the room. That air was warmed evenly, establish fireplace in the center of the large room on the eminence – so from it it will be more warm. Think over flue design: in this case it can be given over fire chamber from ceiling. Considering that at central location a lot of place is required, such option will be suitable only for big rooms.

2. Use heat for heating of several rooms. Build wall fireplace in room corner. It will warm not only the room where there is portal, but also two more adjacent to it. It is possible to unite fireplace and the kitchen furnace if to build in it interroom wall. At the same time in one room it is possible to admire fire game, and in another – to make lunch. Make instead of the kitchen furnace the device for barbecue or grill, and in any weather you will be able to make for guests on naked flame meat.

3. Arrange fireplace in the large room at internal load bearing wall of the house. Such option is the most optimum as losses of heat energy are minimum and additional warming of flue is not required. Besides, if the room is small, such arrangement at wall saves a lot of space.

4. Equip the vacation spot about fireplace. That with comfort to conduct conversation or to have a rest at fire, put nearby a little furniture: chairs and coffee table. If you want to enjoy reading at fireplace, provide additional lighting. Use for this purpose floor lamp – it can be moved to any of chairs. It is possible to equip the vacation spot with fireplace outside of the house. Arrange it on terrace or in gazebo, and in the summer evenings you will be able to have a rest at fireplace, admiring the nature. If it is not provided possible to build the real fireplace, make decorative chimney insert and imitation of flame.

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