How to arrange flower bed on the balcony

How to arrange flower bed on the balcony

Whether there is in your apartment balcony? If on it there are a lot of greens and flowers, it is fine corner for rest. It is necessary to care for its gardening since spring. The balcony can be turned into the blossoming garden, but before planting flowers, the earth in boxes needs to be podzhivit fertilizer which can be bought in flower shops.

What flowers it is the best of all to plant on the balcony? It depends on that how often on your balcony the sun shines. The tsinerariya of maritim, ageritum, and for solar – begonias will be suitable for the shaded party, to petunia, nasturtium better. Selecting flowers, avoid pestrost. Beautifully the same greens or several rows of more or less bright colors look.

For blossoming plant daisies, primroses, Iwan-da Marya in the early spring. After because as they will fade, on their place land nasturtiums, petunias, mattiola, chernobryvets, for autumn blossoming – asters, gladioluses and to that similar.

Twisted plants - summer ivy, sweet pea, the Canary nasturtium, wild grapes, garden beans do to especially cozy balcony.

The calendula, sweet pea, dwarfish haricot can be sowed in April – spring cold weather it is not terrible. Sow them superficially, and when watering watch that water has not washed away the earth which has covered seeds. If flowers ascend too densely, they need to be weeded as they will grow up excessively weak and sluggish.

The begonia, Ivan-da-Marya, geranium ascend long – better to buy their seedling. That the earth in boxes did not sink, before landing well stir it. Gentle seedling is afraid of night cool and quickly fades if in the afternoon strongly burns the sun. Until plants become stronger, cover them with paper and do not forget in the morning and in the evening generously to water.

Take care of that your small "garden" on the balcony won against the background of all house. From red brick do not approach wall red or pink tone. In this case it is better to plant white, dark blue or bright yellow flowers. The pale, light facade of the house will be well decorated by red, blue or orange flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team