How to arrange furniture in the apartment

How to arrange furniture in the apartment

If you have decided to update completely view of your apartment, to buy new furniture, then the first what it is worth thinking of - how to arrange furniture that it was comfortable to all residents, and at the same time remained as much as possible space for movement and rest. There are several simple rules, conforming to which it is possible to plan competently your space and it is easy to place all necessary furniture at your place.

1. Order for kitchen set of furniture specially under its sizes. Many shops now not just offer certain sets, but also completely from scratch create full-fledged kitchens specially under your room. It will allow you to spend the kitchen area economically.

2. Think of purchase of angular sofa. If in your living room there is opportunity to put triangular, angular sofa - without doubts get such. Such models always look originally, they are rather big that on it all family has gone in, and almost always understand in wide double bed for your guests.

3. Do not go too far in furniture in the nursery. To the child set of lockers and shelves is not so important. However the space for active holiday to it is vital. Therefore try to allocate this place for children and to reduce quantity of sharp angles.

4. Get special box for the bathroom. Very few people use similar, however practice shows that it is very convenient and practical when various cleansers, perfumery and all the rest is in one place.

5. Put big mirror to the hall. Before exit from the house it is very important and just pleasant to glance over completely himself. It is the best of all to use mirrors with protection as in this place they are most subject to various damages.

6. Pick up bed of the dream to the bedroom. On it your day therefore it is very important that it as much as possible was pleasant to you will come to an end and begin. Except bed you need several lockers under clothes and the main cabinet for clothes which should possess shutter with mirror.

7. Be not afraid to experiment, buy what never was bought before and experiment with the space given you. It will help to update your house really.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team